How To Clear Up Pollen In Your Pool 

Spring is a wonder time of the year.  Birds singing and new life comes forth from the Earth.  But for pool owner's, Spring can bring an unwanted guest, and that's pollen in the pool.  A thick layer of yellowish-greenish muck of pollen in our pools is not what we had in mind when we signed up for a pool. 

No worries.  With these simple tricks and tips, you'll be able to get rid of pool pollen and reclaim the pool that Mother Nature took from you. 

How To Get Rid Of Pollen In Your Pool

Why Does My Pool Have Pollen?

Pool pollen is an annoying allergen that can cover your pool on a seemingly daily basis.  It comes from trees, plants, flowers, and other vegetation that must do its Spring fling.  Getting rid of your pool pollen can seem like a full time job.  If proper and immediate steps are taken, you can easily control and eliminate pollen from your pool water.

Do I Have Pollen or Algae? 

Pollen can be everywhere in mid-to-late Spring.  It can cover tables, your deck, chairs, and everything else.  Your pool can be clean despite pollen floating on the water's surface.  It's not common for pollen to overwhelm a good filter system. 

Pollen is sometimes mistaken for algae, such as yellow (mustard) algae, which is yellow in color.  The way to tell the difference is easy.  Mustard algae will actually stick to the floor and vertical walls of your pool, while pollen simply floats on the water’s surface, or sticks to the inside of the skimmer.  

Easy pool maintenance

How To Get Rid Of Pollen In Your Pool 

Getting rid of pollen in your pool isn’t difficult, but it does take persistent consistent effort.  By removing the pollen now, you'll have less to deal with later on.  And the faster your pool clears up, the quicker you can get back to swimming.

1. Your Filter System

Keep your filter running 24/7.  This is your first line of defense.  It might seem obvious, but it can be easily forgotten.  Running your filter can help keeping the pollen in your pool from overwhelming your water.  Make sure to keep an eye on the pressure and backwash or clean the filter when needed.

2. Skimmer Sock

You can add a skimmer sock or a pair of panty hose to your skimmer basket to help capture the smaller particles.  This will act as an added layer of protection and filtration so your filter doesn't become too jammed with pollen.  Remember to check your skimmer on a daily basis so that the water flow doesn't get restricted.

3. Skim The Surface

Hopefully you have a good deep pocket wide mouth leaf rake.  Now is the best time to use it.  Every morning and evening you'll want to scrub the tiles down at the water line, then scoop and skim as much pollen as you can from the pool's surface.  During a heavy pollen season, you may need to do this more often.  

4. Use A Clarifier

A clarifier won't actually get rid of pollen.  What is does is clumps the smaller particles together and makes them larger so they can more easily get caught in the filter and backwashed out. 

5. Vacuum As Needed 

Sometimes your leaf rake, scrubbing the tiles, filtering, and a clarifier isn't enough.  You might need to manually vacuum your pool.  A pool vacuum is the fastest way to clean you pool.   

6. Shock Your Pool 

Shocking your pool won't, per se, get rid of pool pollen.  It will, however, kill all the organic matter that finds its way into your pool.  Remember to shock your pool at night, then recheck your chlorine level in the morning to make sure the chlorine did its job.  

How To Be A Pool Pollen Terminator

Whether you're a seasoned pool pro or a rookie, you might get pool pollen from time to time.  It may feel like an overwhelming pollen army, but with consistent care and attention, you can defeat your pool pollen once and for all.