Repair Hayward S200 Sand Tank

by Sherry

I have replaced the o'ring in my Hayward S200 sand filter and now it leaks around the middle of the tank where it opens. I have the one that is connected with screws. Some of the screws broke when assembling back together and were replaced, but the leaking is still heavy.

The o'ring was well lubricated for a good seal. After replacing we just turned the filter on. Should we have backwashed or done something else 1st and that is what is causing the leak, pressure?

Hi Sherry. This can sometimes happen and there are some things you can do. First is to remember to tighten the screws in a star pattern. If you simply go around the filter you might not get a good seal.

The top must be placed on correctly. If it's not it can pinch the o-ring. Clean the mating surfaces of the filter and use silicone lube such as Magic Lube on the gasket.

Sometimes dirt or sand can get into the channels. Make triple sure all channels are clean.

Last would be the worst. A crack in the filter. If this is the case you're going to need a new filter. It is under tremendous pressure and that's something you don't want to mess with.


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