"Solutions To Common Pool Water Problems" eBook

Are you sick and tired of fighting your pool and not having the pool you deserve?

Solutions To Common Pool Water Problems eBook cuts through the confusion with this easy to understand guide to pool water maintenance. It thoroughly covers the most common pool issues. Available for computer and mobile devices for $12.  Click on the "Instant Download" button or HERE and get started today!! 

Learn from a real Aquatic Systems Maintenance Professional.  You've seen my videos on my site and on YouTube.  You've seen me clear up some really nasty pools.  You can have a crystal clear pool just like all of my customers.  When I'm finished with a pool it's always perfect.  And my 20 years of real world experience can be found in this eBook.  Don't waste another $400 on a ruined Summer.  By the time September rolls around, it might be too late.  If this eBook is just half as good as I say it is, your only regret is you didn't get it last year.  Fair enough?

Say Good-Bye To Pool Confusion Forever

You'll learn how to quickly solve your pool water problems so you can get right back to swimming again. Spend more time swimming and less time worrying about your pool. 

FREE Bonus eBook included in your download: "42 Money Saving Tips For Your Swimming Pool".

Works Well On Both Desktop & Mobile Devices.

In this eBook I break down the most common water problems you'll see in your pool ownership such as:

  • What to do with high pH?
  • Or maybe it's low pH and high total alkalinity?
  • Where does all this come from?
  • What about cloudy water?
  • What happens if my pool goes green?
  • And where did THAT come from?
  • I thought I was was doing everything right?
  • Why does the pH keep rising even if I do nothing to my pool?

I've seen these problems, and more, on my pool route.  I had to make the right adjustments at the right time or the home owner would find someone else.  So I HAD to be right.  All the time.  And this went for the YMCA pool as well. If the pool's chemicals were off or incorrect, the state health department could close the pool until the problem was fixed. So again, I had to be right on the money.  Perfect.  Each and every day.

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Perfect For Mobile Devices

Now you can have all this information right at your fingertips. You too can be right on the money, and have a perfect pool all swimming season long. It's my personal experience with swimming pools since I started in the pool business in 1999.

After reading this eBook you will:

  • Have a clear and perfectly balanced pool
  • Save time and money on chemicals
  • Spend more time swimming and less time on maintenance
  • Know exactly what's going on with your pool. Where things come from and how to fix them.
  • Jump right into taking care of your own pool

This is really a "point-and-click" eBook. You don't want to make expensive mistakes. I've seen them and they're horrible. These methods can be implemented right now so you can start enjoying your pool in less time. 

No other eBook on the market comes close to solving your pool water problems like this one.