Swimming Safety Tips and Rules For Child Water Safety

Swimming safety should be on your mind when entering any body of water.  Swimming is a great activity and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but it's also important to know how to be safe.  Water is very unforgiving.  Clean Pool & Spa has offered these important swimming safety tips you should know before swimming in your pool.

Swimming Safety

Swimming safety is no accident.  During the pool season, swimming accidents and accidental drownings occur all too often.  Even with the best pool safety sign, pool safety supplies, swimming pool safety net, and adult supervision, there seems to be too many children drowning in swimming pools. 

For some 300 families per year, Summer the worst time.  Additionally, more than 2000 children per year are hospitalized due to submersion injuries. 

Swimming Safety Tip List

Always have adult supervision when children are swimming.  Child pool safety swimming is always first.  Your are the lifeguard when kids are swimming. 

  • Install a swimming pool safety fence or barrier completely around your pool
  • The swimming pool safety gate should be self-closing and self-latching, especially on safety pool fences
  • Swimming pool door alarms for the inside of your house and fence alarms on the doors of the safety pool fencing that leads to the pool and the pool gate are recommended.  These pool safety alarms are just part of the layers of protection you need.
  • Instruct any babysitter on the dangers of leaving a child unattended.  Install inground pool safety covers or a swimming pool safety net and use it.
  • During a large party, always have an adult as the “watcher”.  Never assume someone is watching while children are in or near a pool.  Again, you are the children's lifeguard.
  • Don't count on your swimming pool lights to allow you to see.  Keep a sharp eye out for your swimmers.
  • Just because your child may know how to swim, never assume he is “drown proof”.   Remember about child water safety.
  • Pregnant women should consult their physician before using a Hot Tub or Sauna
  • Stay only up to 15 minutes in a Hot Tub or spa
  • Children under 6 should not use the Hot Tub or spa
  • Stay out of a pool or Hot Tub if you have a communicable disease
  • Even in small swimming pools and kiddie pools children can still drown
  • Have proper swimming pool safety equipment such as shepherds hook, life vests, rescue tube, and other equipment near the pool
  • Learn CPR/First Aid.  Make sure any babysitter or caregiver has CPR/First Aid training.  Give your youngster swimming lessons.  
  • Pick up all toys in or around the pool when it’s not in use.  Toys are too much of a temptation for children.  Wrap up your pool net and put it away.
  • Always keep the pool safety gates closed.  Never leave the gate open or prop it open for any reason.
  • Keep a regular phone or your cell phone pool side.  Never go inside to answer the phone.  Keep emergency numbers next to the phone.
  • Keep children away from swimming pool drains, swimming pool overflow drain, pool equipment and filters
  • Have a checklist for swimming safety and refer to it each and every time before entering the pool
  • Display your swimming pool safety sign in a prominent area
  • Understand the danger of chlorine and pool chemical safety
  • Always swim with a partner
  • Closely monitor anyone who has been drinking or seems intoxicated. Politely excuse them from swimming.
  • Clear any trees, bushes or obstacles that could impair your view from your child pool fence
  • Teach your child swimming safety tips
  • If you plan on having a swimming pool party, be sure you have two adults watching the water at all times.  Someone always needs to be the lifeguard.
  • Buy a swimming pool safety net or cover (inground and/or above ground pool) when not using the pool for an extended period
  • Understand public swimming pool safety and teach your children to obey the swimming pool rules
  • Be sure you check your concerns if you're planning a trip to a local indoor water park
  • If you plan on building your own swimming pool deck be sure to follow the directions for a secure structure. If you have any doubts, hire a professional.

And last, always have adult supervision when children are swimming.

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These are good swimming safety guidelines and will point you in the right direction in keeping your pool safe.  Contact a local fence contractor that can help with your swimming pool safety fencing.  Make swimming safety a part of your pool.  Have a great and SAFE swimming season!!

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