What type of fungicide to use on the back of a vinyl liner

by Jim

From what I have read I must have a fungus or mold growing under my liner and not Black Algae since the blackish brown stains get a little better with shocking, brushing and algacide treatments.

In the last week we have had eight or nine inches of water and it seems to have gotten worse. I discovered the crack around the top edge of the fiberglass steps is around 4 or 5 inches deep which I will need to fix.

Before I have the liner removed, I read you can dig a trench around the edge of the concrete decking and put a fungicide in it and water it in to flow under the liner. I will also put fungicide into the crack around the steps.

This may or not work, but I don't know what kind (brand of fungicide to buy.

Can you help me?



Hi Jim. With any kind of fungicide, you want to look for the active ingredient, not really what is says on the package. The ingredient that many good ones use is Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride and can be found in Moldex Mold Killer or 30 SECONDS Spray & Walk Away. You can type in the name of the product then MSDS. You'll find the ingredient listed.

Another alternative is using straight up bleach or liquid chlorine - sodium hypochlorite. Excellent for killing mold and bacteria.

Hope this helps and good luck with your pool.


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