Air bubbles in pool. Buster Crabb Pool 12 feet x 24

by Heather

We have a super Hayward pump' The gasket has been replaced and we still have air bubbles when it is running. The sand filter needs bleeding lot. I have backwashed for 2minutes and rinsed for 20seconds. I used a flocant tablet 7 days ago but there is white stuff floating on the to of the water. ThePH is 7.5 alk 250 free chlorine is 1.0,

I have added 500ml of liquid chlorine. can see bottom but water not sparkling. Please can you help. Where is the air getting into the system. At Night I close the pipe on the pump to the pool and also close the sand filter so the pump keeps its prime.

If I leave them open the pump loses water to half and the sand filter gets a lot of air in it and needs to be released.Sand filter pressure is 10 psi. Please help heather

Hi Heather. Your pool has many points of entry so I can't say it's "right there", but we can troubleshoot the issue. The pool has a suction side which goes from the pool to the pump motor. The return side is from the motor back to the pool, and this includes everything in between.

Make sure there are no leaks around the equipment and fix anything that needs to be fixed. Pump pot lid should have an o-ring. If broken or missing replace it. The plumbing that comes off the pump motor housing sometimes leaks if it has a spin collar on it. Spin it off, replace and with a new o-ring. If it's hard-plumbed into the housing and leaks, it needs to get fixed. All of these areas can allow air into the system. It's designed to be a closed system.

Return side is in the same manner. Look for places in the plumbing that connects to other things like the filter. Your air bleeder valve might even have an o-ring. If you have a tab feeder, the lid on the inside needs an o-ring. Sometimes they become pinched or broken. This won't allow for a good seal and will allow air in.

Methodically go through each area and look for places that air could get in.

If you've done that and still have an issue, there could be a suction side or return side leak in the plumbing. If that's the case you're going to need a leak detection company.

You can also install a check valve after the pump motor but before the filter. This allows water to flow but when the system turns off the water cannot back up.


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