Pool Problems

Pool Problems & Answers For Normal And Salt Water Swimming Pools. Cloudy Pool Water & Swimming Pool Filter Problems. 

Use this information for troubleshooting and help control swimming pool algae.

Keep your filtration system running for a backyard aboveground and inground swimming pool, and help keep your fiberglass or pool plaster looking like new.

There are literally hundreds of problems. I've tried to narrow this list down to the most asked issues.

If you have a situation that you think is unique please don't hesitate to email for a more thorough analysis. You can also contact me for a personal consultation. 

Troubleshoot Your Pool Pump

Answers To Common Pool Problems

Green or Brown Cloudy Water

Black Soft Spots

Water Mold or Pink Algae Green Or Brown Clear Water

Black or Dark Clear Water

  • Manganese/metals in the fill water

Green Hair or Green Nails

  • Wrong use of copper ion generator or high copper/metals in the fill water

Common Swimming Pool Filter Problems

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Pool Pump Won’t Prime:

If this is one of your headaches, it could be number of reasons including:

  • Air leak in the line
  • No water in the strainer
  • Lid O-Ring is damaged or worn
  • The filter pump is on low speed (two-speed units)
  • The strainer basket or skimmer basket is clogged
  • The valve in the piping system is closed
  • Water level is below the skimmer
  • Strainer pot lid fastened incorrectly
pool problems, swimming pool problems, pool filters, swimming pool care, basic pool care, green pool water

Pool Filter - Pool Pump Problems - High Pool Filter Pressure:

Possible reasons for this:

  • The pool filter is dirty
  • Restriction in the return line
  • Bad pressure gauge
  • Low Filter Pressure

Possible Causes:

  • Pool strainer basket or skimmer basket clogged
  • Restriction in suction line - swimming pool leaks
  • Air leak in suction line
  • Clogged pump impeller
  • Bad pressure gauge

Motor Won’t Turn:

  • The power is turned off
  • The circuit breaker tripped
  • The pump is in "off" mode of a timer controlled circuit
  • Connections and/or wires are mixed or crossed
  • Shaft is locked up
  • The pump motor impeller is clogged with debris
  • Clogged skimmer/pump basket
  • Low water level below skimmer
  • Swimming pool leak
  • Suction side leak

So there you have a good list of some of the most common pool issues you may have. 

You can also visit my Pool Q&A page for hundreds of answered questions to common pool problems

pool problems, swimming pool problems, pool filters, swimming pool care, basic pool care, green pool water

For another great page just click here. Most if not all of your pool issues come down to basic pool care solutions and treatments. Proper water balance and weekly pool maintenance can help.

The right kind of information, water testing kit, and troubleshooting tips will help lessen your pool problems and can ensure your pool filters will run properly and your inground or above ground pool will stay healthy, clean, and clear.

Hopefully this will help you with your swimming pool care and maintenance.

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