Chlorine Not Registering

I have a 5000 gallon above ground pool (4 years old) which I purchased from Leslie's pool store. All my Chemicals are purchased at Leslie's. To avoid having to repeat writing each step, once I add a chemical each morning, I let the pool pump run for approx 4 hours and then test it.

Back in May, I was told my CYA was over 100 and was instructed to drain my pool (emptied about 3/4 of the pool). I had to do this twice...finally it was at the right level of chemicals. I add chemicals each week making sure my Ph (7.2) and chlorine (1?5) are at the levels that Leslie's recommends.

When purchasing some more chemicals this July, I had the water tested and was instructed again CYA level was high so I had to drain the pool again, refill. Took a sample of the water back and was told by a different person, all was ok and add 3oz of Chlor Brite granulars which I did. I then took a sample back to the store and spoke to asst mgr who said that the person that told me to add Chlor Brite before wrote the wrong instructions because the CYA was still high. I then went home, drained the pool again, refill, let it run, took a sample back and mgr said all was ok and to add Chlor Brite (3 oz) which I then let the pump run again.

Tomorrow, I will take a sample back to store but will make sure I run the pump for a few hours before I take a sample. I want to add more Chlor Brite but afraid CYA will be high again. Would like to know your input...getting very frustrated.

Thanks for the question and sorry to hear about your situation. It could have been prevented if the pool store employee knew what he was talking about. And the assistant manager.

I think what you're actually using is Sodium Dichloro-sTriazinetrione Dihydrate which is short for Dichlor. You can Google Chlor Brite MSDS and that's what you'll come up with. This is a stabilized form of chlorine and should only be used when you have a fresh fill. You may have used too much in the beginning, then drained your pool, got the CYA where it needed to be, then used it again.

That's the problem. You need to stop using Chlor Brite and only use regular liquid chlorine when the CYA gets to 30 - 40ppm.

Without knowing the other levels it's difficult to say what they are, but for the Chlor Brite issue, it's Dichlor.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Aug 05, 2013
Chorine not registering
by: Anonymous

Hi nice to be able to get advice from an expert!
Took the sample in after I added the ChlorBrite (Chlor Brite didn't even register). Leslie's told me the same thing you did...forget about Chlor Brite and add a quart of liquid chlorine (which I had to purchase). So hopefully the Cya for my 5000 gallon pool will stay low and the Chorine when tested tomorrow, will meet the recommended measurements.
Hopefully I won't have any more issues. Thank you again.

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