Cloudy Green Pool & Nothing Is Happening

by Matt

Unfortunately, due to work I couldn't spray out the filters every 12 hours but have done it each night. The chemical levels are good and now I'm on the 12 hour schedule. We just have to give it time to filter, I guess. The color looks great but is still cloudy.

I'll get test readings on Monday and have the week off work so I can concentrate fully on cloudiness and balance.

Quick morning update. The pool is lighter and filtering still. I didn't get readings but am going to add a little more acid and stabilizer if I can get some tonight. The picture shows the granular stuff I have and I also have liquid chlorine. I used a couple bags to go along with 8 gallons of liquid spread over 3 days, following your instructions. I'll adjust as needed.

I went to a different pool place today because it is the only one in our area that carries liquid chlorine so I got the water tested just now. It is very different from two days ago from our usual pool place. We received a lot of rain so maybe that's why our numbers are different. Valley Pool is from today and Olympic Pool is our usual place.

I've attached the screenshot readings from both places. I haven't added any more muriatic acid since last Sunday. I haven't added cyanuric acid. I'm just filtering now and have clarifier on hand. Any guidance would be helpful. The pool looks great except it is on the cloudy side still. Thank you again for all your help.

Again, sorry for the length between correspondence. I believe our pool troubles are
behind us. We have been entertaining family and friends the past couple weekends and we have been very busy.

I just wanted to send you a couple pictures and let you know our readings are right in line now. I'll continue to fine tune the chemicals throughout the rest of the swim season but my wife and I are fully confident we can take care of the pool the right way now. I'll send a couple more pictures once we have a clear, sunny day so it can really stand out as completely clear and clean.

From our heavy storms, the pool started to cloud up again but the readings looked good. I did what you told me during our consult and the eBooks. Overnight, the pool cleared up again and just goes to show your methods really work.

Thank you again for all your help and hope you and your family are well. I know we are.


You pool looks incredible. I'm confident you'll be getting alot of use out of it this Summer and the years to come. But the best part is when it went cloudy again, you didn't panic and run to the pool store for $500 in chemicals. You were confident in your abilities and knew what to do because you knew WHY it happened.

That's the big thing. If you know why and what, the actual doing it is easy. You have a great family and now you have a perfect pool to show off to everyone. You and Blaise have the best looking pools in Minnesota :-)

Good luck and have a great Summer. There's lots of swimming left to do.


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