How To Fix Cloudy Pool Water And Have Clear Pool Water

Understand Cloudy Pool Water & Swimming Pool Water Maintenance. How To Get Rid Of A Cloudy Swimming Pool W/Out A Pool Clarifier.

Why use a coagulant, phosphate remover, and tons of algaecides?  A cloudy pool, next to green pool water, is the biggest complaint among pool owners.  Sometimes you'll seem to have milky pool water overnight.  What can you do about it to get back your crystal clear and clean pool water?

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Where Does Cloudy Pool Water Come From?

There could be many reasons for cloudy pool water, so check out this list and see if any apply to your swimming pool.  Before you go out and spend hundreds on chemicals that "they" say you need, check this list to see if any apply to your situation:

  • Bad or inconsistent chlorination with pool chlorine or weak hypochlorous acid.  This might be the main reason which can cause a whole host of problems.
  • Excess dead or dying swimming pool algae
  • Pool pump and filters are not running long enough.  It's 6 - 8 hours in the Winter and 10 - 12 hours in the Summer.
  • Too much sodium bicarbonate and/or calcium chloride. The can produce hard water scale.  Time to check the water hardness testing with a quality pool water test kit.
  • Wrong/bad level of cyanuric acid (pool stabilizer/conditioner), or Dichlor.  CYA should be 30 - 50 ppm.
  • Using or over-use of calcium hypochlorite (for chlorination)
  • Pool chlorine tablets/smart sticks old or ineffective
  • Use and/or over-use of flocculation (flocculate) in swimming pool water
  • Pool pH too high. The range is 7.2 - 7.8
  • Inground pool covers left on for too long
  • Pool ionizer or pool ozonator not functioning properly
  • Clogged or improperly working pool filter system
  • Bad swimming pool shock (using too much or not enough)
  • Cracked or leaking pipes from skimmer or pump causing bubbles in the pool
  • Bather load too high for a period of time or too many people at once
  • Use and/or over-use of Baquacil, Proteam Supreme, Softswim, or Bioguard pool chemicals
  • Bad/wrong pool water chemistry.  Poor weekly pool maintenance.
  • Wrong or old pool acid
  • The DE pool filter is cracked, not cleaning correctly, or is leaking DE back into the pool
  • Sand in sand filter too old, has low sand, not backwashed fully or correctly, or sand has "channeled" down the side of the filter housing
  • Poorly functioning pool water filters
  • Wrong chemicals for salt water pool systems/saltwater pools, bad or inconsistent salt water pool maintenance
  • Bad, shorted out, or calcified chlorine generator pool/salt cells
  • Multi-Port Valve damaged, is cracked, damaged gasket, or plumbing is wrong
  • Pump worn out or impeller broken or blocked
  • Pipes are clogged up with a foreign object or gummed up through chemical use
  • Refinished pool plaster
  • Over-brushing of new pool plaster
  • Dust, pollen, or mud
  • Use and/or over-use of phosphate remover such as "Phosfree"
  • Over and/or use of wrong pool algaecide.  Only use PolyQuat 60.
  • Supersaturation of chemicals not in line with the Langelier index
  • Bad or wrong swimming pool winterization/pool closing
  • Onset of pool algae and/or green pool water

As you can see from this list, there are many reasons why you can have cloudy swimming pool water.  One of the WORST, and very expensive, pieces of advice you can hear is, "Oh, you have a cloudy pool?  Well, let me tell you how to clear it up.  First is you need to get your pH and alkalinity in line, then shock the pool and add some phosphate remover.  If that doesn't work, add a bottle of algaecide, let it run for 4 hours, and add a couple of tabs in the skimmer.  If that doesn't work, add some Green Out, more phosphate remover and a clarifier." 

Folks, that advice (if you can call it that) will absolutely cost you hundreds of dollars and TONS of frustration.  That is NOT how to clear up a cloudy or green pool but it is the best way to ruin your Summer and drain your wallet. 

Myths About "Cloudy Pool Water"

These are a few things I have learned about cloudy pool water.

Too much pool chlorine

This is good at killing algae and taking care of green pool water. It will make swimming uncomfortable causing possible swimming pool rash and/or chlorine rash. Only Calcium Hypochlorite will cloud your pool, especially when you do a pool shock and will be an expensive lesson in weekly pool maintenance and will increase your pool maintenance cost.

Low Calcium Hardness and Low Pool Alkalinity

This will lead to lower and less effective chlorine levels and a high chlorine demand causing problems such as a green algae swimming pool, white water mold, yellow algae, blue-green algae, etc... Normally, the main reason for cloudy swimming pool cloudy water is one of three reasons: Bad chemistry, bad filtration, or a combination of the two.

Low Cyanuric Acid Level (CYA)

We have what's called in science "Causation and Correlation".  This means:

"Causation can be claimed when one of the correlated variables can be controlled (we can directly set its value) and correlation is still present."

While low CYA cannot "technically" be a direct cause of cloudy water, it is an indirect contributor.  What this means is low CYA can render the chlorine less effective.  While the chlorine is less effective, algae can grow and reproduce.    

A Clarifier and/or Floc Will Clear Up My Cloudy Pool

Folks, here we go again.  Pool chemicals DO NOT clear the water.  Clarifiers, flocs, and products like "Revive" do nothing but hide an underlying problem.  Once they wear off, and they always will, you'll be right back in the exact same situation, namely, having a nasty cloudy pool.  Your pool water should be clear and balanced and that perfect result doesn't come in a magic bottle you buy from the pool store.  Proper knowledge of easy 1st Grade Level Universal Laws of Pool Chemistry & Physics and how it applies equally to every outdoor chlorine and salt pool in the world is what's needed for your pool to be perfect.  Anything that someone tells you about your pool will either CONFIRM or CONTRADICT these applicable laws.  

Frustrated by adding chemicals and trying to keep your pool clear all the time?  Too many chemicals?

"Clear Blue Pool Revised 2nd Edition" & "How To Easily Clear Up A Cloudy Pool" eBook Combo Package teaches you all you need to know about clearing up and maintaining your pool.  Refined and perfected over the last 20 years, and is the only evidence-based method available.  Also included is my exclusive F.T.A. Pool Fix on clearing up green and cloudy pools.  Click the download button or HERE and get started today!!

Swimming Pool Care Guide & Instructions

How To Fix Cloudy Pool

Some self-proclaimed "pool guys" or "experts" on the internet and YouTube will tell you to simply add some clarifier, flocculant, and phosphate remover.  And maybe a couple of chlorine tablets in the skimmer.  Or worse, to use those products in tandem with test (guess) strips.

My friends, a real pool guy will tell you to NEVER use test strips.  Sure they're safe, easy, affordable and convenient.  But, they are not as accurate as a good Taylor test kit.  And that's what we want - accuracy.  

You MUST know you chemical readings (the actual numbers) and find out the reason why the pool went cloudy to begin with.  First off, be sure to get your readings in line.  Use a good FAS-DPD K-2006 Taylor Test Kit.

  • Be sure your filter is perfectly working.  No holes in the DE grids, sand is good and your cartridge filter has no more than 3500 filter hours. 
  • Scoop out as much debris as you can and vacuum
  • Shock the pool with liquid chlorine
  • Run the filter 24/7 until you have clear pool water

A partial water change might be in order for cloudy pool water, but allow this to work first before going that route.  Remember when dealing with swimming pool care, patience is needed.  Don't worry if you have cloudy pool water.  Even the best pool owners with a good understanding of basic pool care and using the best pool tips will slip up every now and then.

Things may happen, but don't worry about your "swimming pool cloudy" issue.  You have the swimming pool maintenance tips to take control of the problem properly.  So go clear up your cloudy pool water and safe swimming to you and your family.

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