Company Installed Wrong Pool Filter

by HBC

Company Installed Wrong Pool Filter

by Hbc

My pool was installed 10 months ago and just started turning green. All pool chemical readings were coming out fine, so I thought it may be time to clean my filter carts.

I attempted to do so with the instructions I received from pool company that built it. I was having problems doing so because the diagram on paper looked nothing like my filter.

I went to their office and had someone come out to show me how to do it. Turns out they had accidently installed a DE filter in stead of the clean and clear that I was supposed to have.

Problem and concerns that I have...Plumbing wasn't set up for backwashing. I have been using chlorine all this time and I have a heat pump, nature one purifier and a cooler all hooked up that goes though filter. Is the rest of my equipment/pool going to be compromised in the long term because of their mistake?

They immediately replaced it with a new correct filter for my set up as soon as they realized the mistake they had made. Now I am worried about my other equipment. Should that all be checked/ changed too?

Also, my energy bill has been abnormally high the past 3 months with no changes on my end. Could this have had something to do with it? Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the question. I will assume that the carts. you're talking about are cartridge filters for a clean and clear system by Pentair. Good filter system by the way. You have a pool cartridge filter system so no backwashing is needed. That's the beauty of cartridges.

All system run basically the same way; the water comes in through the lines, goes into the filter, and goes out as clean water. I would say that if the system was originally plumbed for a cartridge filter and that's what you have, then there shouldn't be any worries.

I would certainly go to the company that installed the new filter and talk to them about my concerns.

As for the heater, if it is plumbed correctly, there shouldn't be any worries, but again, I would go to the company and share my concerns.

In all my years of experience I've never come across a heater breaking down from changing a DE filter to a cartridge filter. I'm not saying it can't happen, but I've never witnessed it.

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