Fiber Tech Liner

by Rick Stewart
(Palm Beach Gardens, Fl)

I had my concrete pool covered with a product called Fiber Tech when it was time for resurfacing.

The website talks about calcium levels but says "not with a fiber glass pool", which is what I now essentially have.

What should the calcium level of my pool be?

I recall when it was 1st installed it was a bit cloudy until this got settled and I had to fire the old pool guy and go with one recommended by Fiber Tech.

Now I want to do it myself to save some money.



Thanks for the question Rick

I had many customers who had fiberglass pools in Arizona. Each one of them said they would never go back to regular concrete pools.

The "mostly for concrete pools" is for the calcium level. When the calcium gets too low the water will cause "pitting" in the plaster or concrete. This is when actual chunks of plaster are drawn away from the pool surface.

Here in Oregon we have very soft water, about 1-2ppm so I have to add calcium to the YMCA pool on a regular basis.

In Arizona the calcium level, and also the TDS (total dissolved solids) are extremely high, around 300 - 400ppm, so obviously no extra calcium is needed.

The calcium level should be between 150 - 250ppm, but again this is mostly for concrete pools for the stated reasons.

Fiberglass pools don't have a problem with pitting because there's nothing to pit. If you have decorative tiles at the water line I would recommend keeping the calcium at this level.

If not you run the risk of the tiles coming apart because with the lack of calcium the water will draw calcium from the grout between the tiles. Otherwise, I personally wouldn't worry about adding any extra calcium. I took care of pools for years in Arizona and never have any any issues.

Hope this helps and good luck with your pool


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May 27, 2012
Don't Do Fibretech
by: Anonymous

I had my concrete pool lined with Fibretech. It was the biggest waste of money I have ever done.

Stay with the concrete or just burn your money. Fibretech is not a good product.

Jun 30, 2012
Crappy Product
by: Anonymous

Right on. Have had it for 8 years, looks bad. Rep came and of course blamed it on chemical levels, which are fine most of the time. He claimed that because my tile (originally 20 years old) has waterlevel color difference. Wanna see him after 20 years of Florida sun and chlorine....):

They do not stand by their warranty. Will cost $2000 to repair their crappy work.....

Please somebody tell me how to fix or rip it out and get quality product.

Aug 29, 2013
Don't Believe Them
by: Anonymous

We have had a fiber tech pool for years and after the first 3 months it chalked an has been continually. We decided to redo the pool coating over. We talked to a company that had diamond bright and to a company that had fiber tech. The fiber tech guy claimed that their product very superior to the old product meaning "no chalking" and would last for 20 years.

We believed them and made the same stupid decision again. We kept the chemical levels exactly to their specs an it was chalking after 3 months. Of course they said it was our fault. It's still crap! Don't do it!

Southeast Florida

Oct 25, 2014
Horrible Product
by: Anonymous

Pool for handicapped child had it fibertec end all bobbled now leaking she cannot use the pool wanted more money to fix I would not . Looking to get it off and redone

Jul 27, 2015
Fibre Tech a Big Mistake
by: Anonymous

Hate it! Chalky, and itchy and easily stained. warranty is BS

Apr 27, 2016
Never Stand Behind Warranty
by: Anonymous

I have two pools (two different homes) with fibertech. If we sell our home the warranty doesn't transfer. If the chemicals are off at all they don't back the warranty. It's a scam... an expensive lesson.

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