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Jan 01, 2016
Murky Hot Tub Water
by: John

Robert thanks so much. I’ve got the pH, TA and hardness under control. 24 hours ago I added a non chlorine shock in conjunction with raising the FC to 10 for a short time. FC has fallen to 5 or so over night but water is still hazy. I’m thinking I should repeat the non chlorine shock to "burn out" any organics and try to clear it up.

For control of CYA should switch to household bleach after getting the CYA to 30-50? I think I know that I need some CYA to keep the chlorine from quickly dissipating.

Thanks for the recommendation on the e-book Ill get it.

Bleach is fine. It's slightly watered down chlorine. The ingredient is sodium hypochlorite. You're probably using potassium monopersulfate for the non-chlorine shock. We need to remember that it takes both oxidation and sanitation to clear up water. PM only oxidizes the water, therefore, it's not as effective as bleach, which does both. Keep the FC up to 12ppm or a bit higher for a couple of days.

Shocking is a process, not an event or something you buy. It's maintaining a high FC level and keeping the filter cleaned out. My eBooks go into much more detail about that. You'll probably only use 1/2 - 3/4 cup of bleach to maintain a FC of 12ppm.

If you don't go the bromine route and choose to use bleach you'll need to keep the CYA between 30 - 50ppm and the FC at 3 - 5ppm. Each one, bromine and bleach, have their pros and cons. It's just for your unique situation what you want to do.

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