How To Choose A Salt Water Chlorine Generator

by Ricky

How To Choose A Salt Water Chlorine Generator

by Ricky

How do I know what size salt water chlorine generator I need for my pool. I have a thirty three foot by four and a half foot round above ground. I am thinking about switching to salt.

Thanks for the question Ricky

Salt water chlorine generators (SWG) do come in sizes, but you need to get one that can handle the size of your pool. Your focus should be on the gallon size of your pool which is about 23,000 gallons. You will typically need 0.04 lbs/day output per 1000 gallons of water.

You always want to go over-sized, rather than under. This way you can dial the SWG down instead of always keeping it cranked up. This will save in the life of the cell. You can expect to pay anywhere from $700 - $1500 for a good cell.

Most SWG for above ground pools can accommodate less water than in ground pool salt cells. Chlorinators for above ground pools can be installed on the inner pool wall. Others are installed directly into your filtration system.

Before you make your purchase, you'll need to ask about your pool’s salt to gallon ratio. The manufacturer of the salt cell should have this information readily available.

Remember that most people get a salt pool for one or a combination of two reasons: the feel of the water is better and the convenience of not needing to add chlorine. Also, when water gets splashed out and evaporates the salt is left behind. It can eat away at most anything.

Once a month I had to take my pressure washer and spray the deck at the Y salt pool. The lifeguards are also required to spray the deck each night. If they don't the salt will eventually eat through the concrete and cause pitting. Salt is corrosive so keep that in mind. Hope this helps and have a great Summer.

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