The Benefits Of Installing Pool Fountains 

Your pool is already clear and inviting, right?  You're swimming everyday?  Why not step it up a notch with some really cool lighting and effects?  By adding something nice looking and functional you can make your swimming pool into your own little tropical oasis or get-away.  Fountains can also serve you well with water circulation and may help decrease cloudy pool water, chemical usage, especially when increasing your pool pH level.  

Many come in a variety of spouting options and you're sure to find the one that looks the best for your pool and budget.  If you have everything set up and want to fill your pool fast, you can call your local pool water delivery service.  Whether you're going for the "tropical look" or just want to give the kids something to play with, you really can't go wrong with solar water fountains. 

The Benefits Of Installing Pool Fountains

Why Are Swimming Pool Fountains So Popular?

A solar pool fountain is good for those who want to "Go Green".  Many have interchangeable heads and adjustable heights for a wide range of color and displays and will probably work in both inground and above ground swimming pools.  You'll find that most are easily installed and adjusted so you can spend more time swimming and less time hooking things up.  I would suggest getting one that has a multi-adapter kit because it should fit most of not all swimming pool return lines.  Another benefit is it may lower your water temperature by a few degrees.  Unfortunately, with above ground pools, they do little to cool the water. 

The reason is an above ground pool is similar to having a completely exposed bowl of water in the hot Summer sun.  There's little you can do to decrease the water temperature other than spraying the surface with a garden hose.  Simply run your fountain at night.  This will help keep the water circulating during a cool night and warm the water during the day. 

Pool fountains are also the most popular "stand alone" water feature that are available for both residential and commercial spaces.  Fountains are aesthetically pleasing and can enhance a peaceful surrounding that can transform your pool into a quiet resting place.  There are design experts available to help you create the perfect fountain for the oasis in your backyard. 

Benefits Of Pool Fountains 

Whether you like a full or partial fountain, lighted, or a wall-waterfall, there's a pool fountain just for you.  Some benefits will include:

Natural Sound

The gentle flow of a water is relaxing.  It can also provide a sound barrier against those noisy neighbors. 

Circulate Your Pool Water

Pool fountains help keep the water moving and circulating and is an excellent way to increase the pH of your pool without adding more chemicals.  Proper water circulation distributes your pool chemicals.  Adding a pool a pool fountain will give you more and faster circulation.   

Stress Relief

The best part is the relaxing sound of water movement.  I live in Florida and the beaches are some of the best in the world.  Water moving in and out is certainly a way to easily relax. 

Keeps Your Pool Cooler

Stagnant water heats up faster than moving, or circulating water.  An easy way to cool your pool is through through aeration, and the easiest way to get this aeration naturally and without any effort on your part is pool fountains.  If the pool fountain is run long enough, your pool could experience a 2 - 4 degree drop in temperature.

They're Fun To Look At

Moving water has always been fun.  Splashing around and under a pool fountain can certainly add enjoyment to your swimming experience.  

Sound Barrier

If your home backs up to your, let's say, lively neighbor’s home, adding a pool fountain allows you to dull the noise a bit and listen to something other than your neighbor's loud talking or cars whizzing by.  You may also want to install a larger waterfall for more of a sound barrier or a smaller fountain if that's what you need.

Easy pool maintenance

Modern LED Pool Fountains

An easy way to add a little "pop" to your above ground pool is with a swimming pool fountain filled with LED lights.  A pool fountain containing a variety of LED lights that change colors?  That's something to smile about.  Fountains are not only fun, they can certainly enhance your swimming pool and swimming experience.  You also have your choice of great floating fountains.  The modern ones can also be turned into your own LED rainbow for night-time swimming fun!!

Splash N' Fun With Pool Fountains

Your pool is clean and well cared for?  Check.  Everything seems to be in order, but something is missing.  Then it dawns on you.  How about installing pool fountains?  Let's dress the pool up a little.  It'll be great!!

Go out and choose the one that fits your budget and pool, and then install it.  Create an oasis in your backyard and you'll never want to leave.