Saltwater Systems For Swimming Pools..High Calcium & Iron..

by Sheri

Saltwater Systems For Swimming Pools..High Calcium & Iron..

by Sheri Deering
(Brookfield Wisconsin)

We have high levels of calcium and iron in our water. If we purchase a saltwater system will that help that problem? If not, if I add the "Iron Out" that I now do to our swimming pool once a week will that hurt the saltwater system, and also will the saltwater system reduce the cloudiness in our pool water.

Thanks for the question Sheri

There are basically 2 kinds of salt systems:

In-line chlorine generator and free standing chlorine generator

The first one is you add the salt directly to the pool. This makes the water feel a bit softer, but in my experience it dulls the water clarity just a bit. The YMCA has a salt pool and this is what I've found, as well as taking care of several salt pools in Arizona.

If you want to add salt I would encourage you to not get any decorative rocks (Flagstone) or decking as the salt will eat away almost anything it touches.

The 2nd is you add the salt to the chlorinator, it makes the chlorine then passes that into the pool through the return lines. The water clarity is the same compared to a regular chlorine pool.

If you go the salt pool route I would recommend a Myron Salinity Analog Meter to test the salt pool. It's the exact one I use at the YMCA pool and can be purchased through TMI Salt Pure.

A salt system will not help the calcium level. The only ways to reduce the water hardness is to replace 1/3 - 1/2 of the water with fresh water, or call a local pool water delivery service. The pool water is already treated and balanced.

Iron Out should not hurt the saltwater system if used properly. The biggest concern with high calcium/hard water is the calcifying of the salt cell. Be sure to check it on a monthly basis and clean it when needed, normally 2 - 3 times during the swimming season.

I clean the salt cell at the Y every month with 4 parts water to one part muriatic acid. Allow it to sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse. You can also get a soft brush to loosen up any debris in the salt cell.

Ask TMI or your local pool store about a plug for the salt cell. You plug up one end to keep the acid solution in the cell to allow it to soak. A saltwater system will not help the cloudiness of the water.

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