Salt Water Swimming Pools

Understand Salt Water Swimming Pools & Salt Water Pool Systems for Inground & Above Ground Pools. 

All the information you need for salt water swimming pools and swimming pool salt chlorinators.

A saltwater pool system simply takes the salt and produces chlorine. You use the same pool water test kits and add chemicals when your swimming pool demands it.

Many people who have fiberglass inground pools like this saltwater system. 

Also, a good  saltwater chlorinator can give you a choice when it comes to chlorinating your pool. A saltwater pool system simply takes the salt and produces chlorine.

Salt Water Swimming Pools Or Chlorine Pools

You use the same pool water test kits and add chemicals when your swimming pool demands it. Many people who have fiberglass inground pools like this saltwater system. 

Also, a good  saltwater chlorinator can give you a choice when it comes to chlorinating your pool. But remember, saltwater swimming pools ARE NOT chlorine-free pools. A salt water system simply means adding pool salt to make pool chlorine by installing a pool chlorine salt water generator.

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A swimming pool chlorinator (both in-line and free standing) reduces the need to buy, transport, or store liquid or dry pool chlorine. Some salt cells may also measure out the proper amounts of acid and Sodium Bicarbonate to keep your swimming pool pH and total alkalinity in balance.

A Pool Salt Water System Produces Chlorine

  • Add swimming pool salt. For an average 20,000 gallon pool you will need 7-10 50lb. bags to bring your saline level to the correct reading of 3000-4000.
  • The saline (salted water) is then carried through the plumbing to the pool chlorine generator
  • The saltwater chlorinator produces swimming pool chlorine a.k.a Hypochlorous Acid
  • This chlorinated water is then returned to the pool for sanitation

You'll also need to keep up on your residual chlorine demand testing.

Chlorine GeneratorChlorine generator (saltwater chlorinator) and the best swimming pool chemistry for your salt water pool systems. 

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Benefits Of Salt Water Swimming Pools

  • A safe level of pool salt to chlorinate a pool is between 3000-4000ppm. 

At this level the salt in the pool can't really be noticed.   

  • Once the swimming pool salt is added, the saltwater chlorinator takes over to produce as much or as little swimming pool chlorine as you require.  

It has also been reported that the pool water actually feels softer and the swimmers are more refreshed after swimming.  

  • Some people will say the comfort level of saltwater pools is better than regular chlorine pools

The water feels better on your skin

  • A pool salt system means you won't need to store any chlorine although you will need to handle other chemicals. 

Pool acid, Sodium Bicarbonate for the pool pH level, pool alkalinity, and calcium chloride for the water hardness.  Same swimming pool chemical maintenance as a regular chlorine pool.

  • Some people believe that salt water pool maintenance can be lower as compared to a normal chlorine pool. 

A salt water chlorine generator normally cleans itself. Pool salt systems are more expensive upfront. You do save on actual chlorine because a bag of salt is less expensive than a bucket or gallon of pool chlorine. 

Disadvantages Of A Salt Water Swimming Pools

While many who own a salt water pool system swear by it, there are some issues to consider:

  • A salt water chlorinator still produce pool chlorine and chemicals (Hypochlorous Acid)
  • Possibility of damaged equipment and pool filters
  • Possibility of plumbing corrosion
  • Possibility of using just as many other chemicals (pool acid, pool shock, calcium chloride) as a chlorine pool
  • Possible damage to winter and solar pool covers
  • Run the risk of swimming in a pool in which the pool operator does not have the proper knowledge or training on balancing the chemicals and proper pool maintenance
  • When salt chlorine generators breaks down, they may cost up to or over $1000 for a new unit.  

This may keep the average pool owner up to his eyes in chlorine for a normal chlorine swimming pool for years.

  • If you have or are planning to have decorative rock (Flagstone) you may want to reconsider salt water pools.  

Swimming pool salt is corrosive and may eat away at your investment.

Salt water swimming pools are great and if they're what you're looking for, and if you've done your homework, then I say go for it and have fun swimming.

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