Used Swimming Pools

Discount & Used Swimming Pools. Used Above Ground Swimming Pools. The Right Swimming Pool Care & Swimming Safety When Choosing Cheap Swimming Pools.

There are a few little secrets when you're in the market for a good discount pool.

Used swimming pools can save you a pretty penny over buying from your local pool store if money is tight and space is limited.

Discount swimming pools, used hot tubs, pools for kids, kiddie swimming pools, nice soft side pools, and cheap aluminum above ground pool are everywhere.

Many people want to get rid or sell them for a variety of reasons. Look in your local paper or online under "swimming pool for sale" and you might find a goldmine.

How To Buy A Used Above Ground Swimming Pool

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Discount above ground pools and normal in ground swimming pools have the same swimming pool chemical maintenance. There are plenty of pool toys for kids and cheap pool supplies at your local pool store.

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A good item to have on hand is a swimming pool solar blanket. This retains the water heat during the Summer months and decreases the use of pool chemicals.

If you're not into building a swimming pool then a good used above ground pool is the answer. If you're worried about the swimming pool cost, there are many used swimming pools and cheap swimming pools available.

Accessories like:

  • Swimming pool fountains/swimming pool water features
  • Above ground pool ladder
  • Above ground pool steps
  • Above ground pool slides
  • Cheap pool slide
  • Above ground pool heaters or an in ground electric pool heater
  • Retractable pool enclosures
  • Above ground pool liner
  • Above ground pool deck
  • Hayward pumps
  • Pentair pumps
  • Pool safety sign

All of these can be purchased through a swimming pool supply and chemical store or Doughboy Pools, Intex Swimming Pools, Intex Pool Supplies, Hayward Pool Products, or other places that have items for cheap above ground swimming pools and discount pools.

Used Swimming Pools

You can even find items for your salt water swimming pools and an Intex saltwater system. 

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How To Save Money On Pool Construction

Considerations When Buying Used Swimming Pools

Just like when you buy a "pre-owned" car, there are many things to consider when buying a pool. Check some of these out:


That's right, good ole' rust. Probably the most important part. Look at the bottom rails and foot plates as they are the first to rust and sometimes the hardest parts to replace. It's great when you get an above ground swimming pool, but wait until you need a part. There are so few parts available that most shops may consider used swimming pool parts a waste of time and space.

The sidewall usually rusts out first, the bottom 6" or so. Then check out the skimmers and returns. If there is minor rusting there, don't sweat it, that's pretty normal and easy to repair.

Find A Swimming Pool Already Up And Running

Even when your looking for discount swimming pools, you want to see the pool in all its glory, running and in good condition. Only if the price is really good or if you know the seller personally, should you buy a pool stacked and folded up in a pile. Used swimming pools should be in operating condition so you're able to see any flaws.

Pool Filter System

If the pool is clean and clear, then the pool filter system is probably doing its job. A sand filter with a 3/4 HP motor should be the minimum for aboveground swimming pools. Cartridge filters are my favorite but you need to be sure it is a high capacity filter with a large pump.

DE pool filters are great but remember these little guys are a bit different so you need to know what you're getting into and how often to clean them.

Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners

When the pool is up and running, you'll be thinking to yourself, "Well, how difficult can that be?" Just let me tell you when you do buy a used one, you can probably bet you're going to need a new above ground swimming pool liner. When the pool is drained, the liner will probably shrink a bit. And normally this shrinkage renders the liner unusable. They also become a bit brittle with age. Even when the liner can be used again, it will never look the same as it did in its prime.

Swimming Pool Steps And Ladders

Make sure they are in good working order. They should be algae and corrosion free. Also watch for those sharp edges, lose steps and handrails.

Cheap & Used Pools On A Budget

If you have a tight budget and limited space, an above ground swimming pool might just be what you need. And used swimming pools are an even better option.

Aboveground swimming pools make up over 50% of all pool sales in the country each year.

Discount swimming pools are readily available, you just need to know when and where to look.  You can look to your local classified ads, on the grocery store bulletin board, or on Craigslist.  You may even find someone who is giving their used swimming pool away for free. 

Keep your eyes open for opportunity, and a cheap above ground swimming pool will come to you in a New York Minute.

Used Swimming Pools

Used swimming pools are a great deal, but remember swimming safety is the most important aspect of any pool. For safety reasons you need to buy a good swimming pool safety fence and properly install it.

Half the fun is looking for a used swimming pool, but when you find a good one, jump on it and have fun swimming with your family.

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