Clear Up White Water Mold & Pink Slime Hot Tub Water Problems

White water mold and pink slime can be confusing but all this will be cleared up today.

By the time you notice any mold or pink slime, chances are your hot tub or pool is infested.  Like having roaches, you'll see 10, but there's 10,000 in your house.

Clear Up Water Mold

It's not dangerous or poisonous, it just looks kind of bad.  Prevention is always preferred over treatment.  To decrease your chances of getting mold and water damage, you'll want to read on.  With the proper hot tub maintenance, you can have the hot tub you deserve without any water problems. 

Pink Slime and White Water Mold Facts

Some facts about pink slime and white water mold are:

  • Pink slime is a bacteria
  • White water mold is a fungus
  • Neither have been proven to be harmful to humans
  • More common in hot tubs and spas than swimming pools
  • Can be resistant to chemicals

Water Mold is naturally occurring so it's something that should be on hot tub owners minds.  If you don't do thorough cleanings and regular water and chemistry checks, you could get an outbreak seemingly overnight.  It can be a challenge to get rid of it, but if things are done right, you shouldn't have any problems. 

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How To Prevent White Water Mold & Pink Slime

Once you get white water mold, it can be a pain to get rid of.  Clearly, the key to white water mold is proper prevention.  If your hot tub is properly maintained and regularly test the water, then you shouldn’t have any problem.  And here's a list to help with your white water mold prevention. 

  • Clean and vigorously brush everything in the pool and hot tub, including the ladder, steps, sides, floor, and any rails on a weekly basis
  • Maintain the correct hot tub/swimming pool water care
  • Give your pool and cleaning equipment a good sun bath.  The sun is a natural oxidizer and will destroy bacteria.
  • Add an oxidizer into your skimmer to clean the pipes and filtration system
  • Clean pool toys and floating devices
  • Clean your solar blanket
  • Drain and refill you spa or hot tub every 3-4 months or when needed
  • Allow your fill hose to run for 2-3 minutes before filling your spa
  • Run the pool filter in the pool 12 hours per day and hot tub 8 hours
  • Rinse and clean hoses, brushes, and swimming pool vacuums
  • Add oxidizing chemicals to the skimmers to removes anything in the lines and filters
  • Chemically clean the filters every 3-4 weeks or when needed
  • Invest in a mold test kit if you have continuous outbreaks
  • Get a good water testing kit

Remove Mold & Water Treatment

If you experience these floating flakes of toilet paper, you need to take care of it quick, fast, and in a hurry.

  • Drain your hot tub
  • Clean everything in your pool as stated above
  • Remove any parts that have or may have water mold and remove any mold floating around in adhering to any surface
  • Add the appropriate algaecide
  • Chemically clean your filter using 50/50 mix of water and bleach.  You may want to even get a new filter if yours is too far gone.  
  • Refill your hot tub with fresh water
  • Bring the pH, alkalinity, and hardness into line.  Never add chlorine without first adjusting these three.  Adjust your pH and maintain it at 7.0-7.2, alkalinity to 80-120 ppm, and hardness to 150-250 ppm.
  • Give your pool or hot tub a good double dose of chlorine shock.  You can use granular chlorine, a.k.a. Calcium Hypochlorite but I recommend liquid chlorine.  It won't raise the pH or hardness like chlorine granules will.

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When you add your chlorine, your pH will automatically go up, so you need to get the pH down and keep it there.  You might need to add a 2nd or even 3rd dose of chlorine to maintain a high chlorine level up to 15 - 20 ppm. 

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