What concentration of liquid bleach (your table doesnt say)

by Karla

I have a salt water above ground 18X33X4 pool. I want to shock it with bleach (12%), mainly because I want to make sure there are no nasty bugs in my water. We got it last summer and used only the SWG in the pool (no other chemicals, didnt balance ph, nothing).

Never had green water, the water was clear all summer. We run the SWG all night and all day. Of course when the sun comes out, it eats up the FC quickly. Can teh water be clear and still dangerous? Every morning when i test it its between 3 and 5 for FC.

Not a lot of heavy use...mainly just us and no one pees in the pool. How much of 12% liquid chlorine do I need to shock it (your chart doesnt say what concentration of bleach is needed--just 12/3 gallon....how much would I use for a 14000 gallon pool of 12% bleach?

Hi Karla. If the chem readings are in line and you maintain a FC of 3 - 5 ppm, there's really no reason to superchlorinate the pool. Shocking once per week is not normally necessary when the chems are all good and the water is clear. You only need to shock when it's needed

To answer the other question, yes the water can still harbor contaminants and water-borne illnesses even though the water is clear. Shocking a pool after a heavy rain, large bather load, or known contaminants are reasons.

The baseline is 1 gallon will treat 10k gallons of water. For your size pool, you'd use 2 gallons to increase the FC up to 15 ppm.


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