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Above Ground Swimming Pools

Pool Set Up & Relocating Above Ground Pool
How Can I Keep My Above Ground Salt Water Pool Cold
Looking For Parts For An Above Ground Pool
Salt Water Damage To Pool
Rusty AG Pool-Salt Water
Newbie With Chemicals
Gallons Of Water For Above Ground Pool
Jacuzzi Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump
Section Of Wall Of Above-Ground Pool Pulled Out Of Base Track
Sitting Pool Water
Getting Started W/ Above Ground Lap Pool
Pool Water For My Above Ground Pool 24 Round
Need To Replace Top Seat (Ledge) For Above Ground Pool
Pool Cover Sump Pump
Can An Above Ground Pool Be Installed In A Yard That Floods?
How Can I Keep My Above Ground Salt Water Pool Cold?
Above Ground Pools - Which Is A Good Brand To Buy
Replacement Parts For A Delair Above Ground Pool
Above Ground Pool Turned Brown Then Green
Is Sand Or Dirt Better To Go Under An Above Ground Swimming Pool?
Landscaping Around An above Ground Swimming Pool To Protect The Wall

Algae/Brown Algae/Green Pool Water

Help My Pool Is Very Green
Pool Water Light Green/Blue & Can't Keep It Clear Green Pool Issues!!
Green Pool After Adding Liquid Shock
Pool Green Since Opening From June First Week
Grey Pool Water
My Pool Has A Green Tint To It
Green Pool With Cloudy Water
Why Do I Still Have A Green Pool?
Green Algae and High Phosphates
How Do I Clear Up A Green Pool
Help With Green Swampy Pool
Green Pool
Battling Green Algae
I Can't Get The Green Out Of My Pool
My Pool Water Is Green
I Can't Get All The Algae Out!
From Green to Scream
Why Can't We Get Rid Of This Dark Green Stain
Green Pool..Lots Of Chemicals, Metals & Algaecides
Green Pool Water. It's Blue But Still Coudy
Stable High Free Chlorine But Still Green Water
Pool Still Green After Many Attempts To Clear!
Brown Algae Won't Come Off Of A Vinyl Liner
Help Clearing Up Green Pool With A DE Filter
Why Can't I Clear My Green/Blue Pool Water?
How To Clear Up A Green Pool In Woburn
Green Pool Water & High Alkalinity
Pool Opened By A Company On Monday -- It's Still Green Water On Thursday!
Low Alkalinity and pH levels..Still Have A Green Pool..
Fiberglass Salt Pool..Green Algae Water..Drain & Refill..
Green Pool (Algae) Re-Occurring..Pictures
Scabies & Green Pool Water..Swimming Pool Algae!!
Fine Powdery Yellow/Light Brown Substance..Algae Problems
Intex Salt Water Swimming Pool 16x48..Shock & Green Algae
Powdery Sediment On Bottom Of Swimming Pool..Yellow Algae..
Salt Water Intex Swimming Pool System (Pool Size 18x48)..Algae Problem..
Green Swimming Pool Water In Above Ground Pool..Algae..Shock
Cloudy Pool Water..Salt Water Swimming Pool..How Much Salt To Add?..
Brown algae
Cloudy Pool Water & Algaecide..Need Help
Abnormal Pool Water Algae
Swimming Pool Algae & Opening A Pool..HELP!!
Swimming Pool Algae Has Taken Over Our Pool....And Our Lives!
Swimming Pool De Filter & Ripped Tentacle/Grid
Swimming Pool Bluish-Green..High Chlorine & High pH
Shocked The Pool & Still Having Swimming Pool Algae


Algaecide Overdose
Too Much Algaecide And Got Burns
How Do I Clear Up Baqua Floc Stuff?
"Soapy" Water After Using An Algaecide
Switching From Baquacil To Chlorine
Swimming Pool Algae With Baquacil Use
Can Super Floc Remove Pool Algae?


Pool Question On Alkalinity
High Alkalinity
Low Total Alkalinity and Low pH
Which to fix first? PH level or Alkalinity
Alkalinity and PH
Why Pump Motor Off To Add Acid
Low pH and High Alkalinity - Which Do I Fix First?
Pool Green and No Alkalinity
Turning Pump Motor Off When Adjusting Alkalinity
Pool Green and No Alkalinity
TA Water Sample Did Not Turn Green With gtts Added
Alkalinity Won't Stay Above 50
Alkalinity Test Turns Pink/Red
Bringing Down Alkalinity In An Inground Fiber Glass Pool
I Put Alkalinity Up And Hardness Plus In My Pool The Same Day
Why Does My Alkalinity Keep Going Up?
Why Should Sodium Bicarbonate Be Added Moderately Over Time To Reduce TA & Not All At Once
White Flakes
What Can I Do To Lower My Alkalinity In My Above Ground Pool?
High Alkalinity & Cyanuric Questions
What Should Be The Total Alkalinity?
Can't Raise My Pool Alkalinity Using Aqua Chem Alkalinity Increaser
Is Having Low pH And High Alkalinity Possible?
Chemical Levels Wrong..How To Bring Down Pool Alkalinity..
High Calcium Hardness & Pool Alkalinity...
Strange Results of TA Test (Spa Alkalinity)
High PH and High TA
Total Alkalinity Too High..pH Too Low..Swimming Pool..
Confused About How To Lower Total Alkalinity..Decrease..
Alkalinity Up To Raise Both Swimming Pool pH Level & Total Alkalinity
Ways Of Lowering Pool Total Alkalinity..Maintain pH Level
My Pool Alkalinity
Swimming Pool Total Alkalinity
Total Alkalinity..310ppm on a 30,000 gallon pool
TA opposed to PH
How Much Muratic Swimming Pool Acid Is Too Much?
Pump Off When Raising And Lowering TA (Total Alkalinity)
How Long Do I Need To Wait Before Swimming After Adding Swimming Pool Chemicals?

Bathing Suits/Swim Suits

Our Swimwear Is Turning Green In The White Areas. Why Is This?
What Causes Bathing Costumes To Lose Elasticity?

Black Algae

Black Stain In The Deep End
Black Algae
How Much Is The Pool Service Responsible For?
How To Get Nasty Black Algae Out Of Pool?
Black Algae
Black Mold On Inground Vinyl Liner
Grey Algae On Vinyl Liner
Is This Black Algae?
That Damn Black Algae
Help With Black Like Tar In My Pool
Is There Ever An End To The Black Algae Saga????
Black Spots On Pool Walls...Inground Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool Liner Wrinkles and Black Algae problems

Brown Algae

Do I Have Brown Dirt Or Is It Brown Algae?

Bugs & Critters

Worms Stains In Pool
Bugs After A Thunder Storm
Swimming Pool Keep Attracting A Large Number Of Flies and Gnats
Small Brownish/Red Worm/Bugs
Mosquito Like Animals On Pool Water
Larvae In Above Ground Pool
Frogs And Our Pool
Salt Water Swimming Pool & Water Bugs..Earwig Problem
Our Below Ground Liner Pool Is Plagued With Wood Lice

Calcium Hardness

Calcium Build Up
White Flakes From Pool Return Clogging SWG?
How Do I Reduce The Hardness In My Water?
Calcium Ring Video
Calcium Line On Salt Water Pool
Continued Very Low Calcium Hardness Issues
Build Up Of Mineral Deposits On The Tiles In The Pool At The Water Line
Step 2 Taylor Calcium Hardness, No Red
High Calcium Hardness
White Calcium All Over The Bottom Of The Pool
Salt and Hardness
Rasing Total Hardness In Pool Water
Hardness vs. No Hardness
Calcium Chunks Attached To Bottom Of Liner
Calcium problem
Low Calcium In Pools Can Cause Burns?
Large Amounts Of Calcium On Pool Walls
Calcium In A Salt Water Pool
What Is Calcium Hardness In A Pool?
Calcium Hardness vs. Chloride Level
High Calcium Hardness..From One Issue To Another
There's Too Much Calcium In My Pool And The Water Is Cloudy
Saltwater Systems For Swimming Pools..High Calcium & Iron..
High Calcium Hardness & Pool Alkalinity...
Fiber Tech Liner

Cartridge Filters

Pressure Rises Quickly
In-ground Pool Filters vs. Above-Ground Filters
Cartdrige Filter/Pump
Changed My Filter But Now Pressure Is High And Flow Is Low
Convert Fabric Filter To Sand Filter
Fine Silt In Pool Overnight After Vacuuming
Fine Dirt In The Bottom Of My Swimming Pool, Why?
Pool Vacuum - More Information
Leaking Cartridge Filter
Dirt Shooting Out When Vacuuming
How Can I stop My Cartridge Filter From Leaking?
Cartridge Filter Pressure
Pressure Gauge Noise On Cartridge Filter Unit
Foam In Swimming Pool After Cleaning Cartridge Filter
Company Installed Wrong Pool Filter
White Powder In The Cartridge Filter..Swimming Pool Problems

Chemical Questions

Green Baquacil Pool Water Prevention & Treatment
Test Result Confusion
At A Loss On Pool Chemical Levels
Total Chlorine & Phosphate Problems...What Should I Do?
Phosphate Question. What Range Should It Be?
What Should I Do First, Treat High pH Level, Add Salt or Add Conditioner(cya)?
Mixing/Changing Brand Of Pool Chemicals
Sanitize Kiddie Pool
Putting Chemicals In When Filter Is Down
How To Address Pool Water Imbalance
How Can I Clear Up My Water
Liquid Pool Acid Or Powder?
Knowing What Chemicals To Add & How
Arm and Hammer Detergent Accidentally Put In Pool
Pool Clarity
Can I Make Liquid Shock From Powdered Chlorine Shock?
How Much To Maintain My Own Pool
Correct Levels For Vinyl Inground Pool Using Chlorine
Confused About Pool Chemicals
OOOOPS Too Much Potassium Permanganate
Variations in TA & pH Readings & Difficult To Increase pH.
Custom Pool, More Like A Pond & Poor Circulation
Frustrated With Pool Chemicals
How Long After Adding Muratic Acid Should I Wait To Recheck The Alkalinity Levels
Put the Wrong Chemical In The Pool By Mistake
Total Chlorine & Phosphate Problems...What Should I Do?
Do You Really Need All These Chemicals For A Pool Or Are They Just Trying To Get Your Money?
Adding Liquid Muriatic Acid To An Above Ground Pool...
Aquachek Pool Water Test Strips..Low Chemical Readings
Acidity In The Swimming Pool Water..Too Acidic
How Long After Shocking Can I Swim..Swimming Pool Chlorine
New Swimming Pool..Don't Know About Chemcals..How To
Foam In The Water..Swimming Pool..How To Get Rid Of..
How Long Do I Need To Wait Before Swimming After Adding Pool Chemicals
Operate And Vacuuming A Swimming Pool With A Cartidge Filter Lid Removed

Chlorine/Chlorine Tablets

Pool Float and Sweep
Cannot Get Any Chlorine Into My Pool
Liquid Chlorine?
Sodium Hypochlorite Concentration And Place Of Purchase?
Clorine Problem
Chlorine Testing
What About Bromine?
Swimming Pool Chlorine Maintenance
Above Ground Pool, 30,000 Litres Has What I Am Told Chlorine Block
How Many 3 inch Chorine Tablets Should Be Consumed Per Week For A 35,000 gal Pool?
Chlorine Build Up Clogging Underground Skimmer Line?
No Chlorine Reading
Chlorine or Free Chlorine Green Pools
Difficulty Regulating Chlorine Input With Chlorinator And Stabilizer
Cannot Get A Free Chlorine Reading
Help.. Can't Keep Chlorine Level
What Exactly Are The Chlorine Types In Regular Terms?
Chlorine Block?
Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid) vs. Calcium Hypochlorite (powder) Chlorine
Calcium Hyperchlorine Shock Dose Instantly Turned Concrete Pool Surface Black!
Constant Low Chlorine Levels
How Do I Bring The Chlorine Level Down In A Salt Water Pool?
Chlorine Tablets 3 Inch On The Bottom Of The Pool
Chlorine Is Still Too High
No Total Or Free Chlorine And Pool Can't Hold Cyanuric Acid (CYA)
Do You Have To Use Chlorine Everyday?
Swimming pool safe to swim?
How Much Chlorine and Other Chemicals To Add..
Swimming Right After Pool Shock
Saltwater Pool Maintenance Guide..Problem
Having Difficulty With No Free Chorine..
Can't Get Chlorine Levels Down In Pool..High Chlorine
No Free Or Total Chlorine In The Pool!
What's The Best Way To Add Calcium Hypochlorite..Swimming Pool Chlorine
How Long After Adding Pool Chlorine Is It Safe To Swim..How Soon
How Long After Shocking Can I Swim..Swimming Pool Chlorine
What Is Super Shock..Chlorinating..
Swimming Pool Question..Chlorine Is Low..pH Level Is High?
Swimming Pool Chlorine: Does It Raise The pH Level?
After Shocking With Liquid Swimming Pool Chlorine...3 Gallons...
Grocery Store Bleach/Clorox Instead Of Pool Chlorine?
Difference of Calcium Hypochlorite & Sodium Dichlorite Triazinertrione?
Tri-Chlor Pool Tablets & Pool Shock
Superchlorinating pool
Calcium Hypochlorite & Granular chlorine
Lower the Cyanuric Acid (CYA)
Kind Of Swimming Pool Chlorine To Use
Opening My Pool, Shocking, And Swimming
Low Pool Chlorine & Stabilizer

Chlorine Generator/Salt Cell

Specks In Water Only When Chlorine Generator On
Green Dust/Chlorinator
Help With My Chlorinator
Black Mold and Pool Ionizer
Salt Level Surges
NEW Salt Water Generator Start Up?
What Size Salt System Will I Need For My Pool
Salt Cell Covered In Black Greasy Stuff!
How To Choose A Salt Water Chlorine Generator
Problem With Salt Water Generator In New Above Ground Pool
Zinc Anodes For A Swimming Pool
Can't Get The Chlorine Reading Up In Chlorine Generator Pool
Error Code 92 On salt Water Pool Cell
Why Does The Salt Level In My Pool Keep Increasing?
Why Do I Have To Clean My Salt Cell So Much
Ionizer Put Too Much Copper In My Pool
Drop Test Sodium Chloride...Salt PPM For A Salt Pool..
How Do You Clean A Salt Water Cell?
How Much Energy Does A Salt Chlorine Generator Use?
Which Is The Best Brand Of Salt Water Chlorinator?..Salt Cell..

Closing/Winterize A Pool

Winterized A 40,000 Salt Water Ingrown Pool
Do I Need To Just Shock, Algacide, A Day Use Stabilizer To Close Above Ground Salt Water Pool w/ Cartage Filter an Crystal Clear Salt Unit ?
Newly Painted Pool Ready For Winter Care?
Frozen Pool Pipes
Blowing Out A Pool Slide Line
How Much Liquid Bleach In 3800 18x36 In Ground /Closing Pool
Close Down The Pool Completely
Pool Closing and Fill In
New Vinyl Liner Inground Pool
In Warm Ares Such As California, Is It Necessary To Close & Open An Inground Pool?
Saltwater Pool and Winter
Winterization Pool In Medford, Oregon
Winter Chemical Levels
Cold Weather Question For A Salt Pool That Runs Year Round
Keeping My Pool Open This Winter
Pool Alkalinity And PH
Very Confused On Winterizing Above Ground Pool
Can I Leave Pool Open?
Indoor Pool Shut Down Question
Winterizing with ALGECIDE - Above Ground Salt Water Pool
Saltwater Winterization
Winterization Of A Commercial Pool
Can I Close A Pool For Two Years?
Maintenance/Closing For Non-Use..Summer Time
Pool Pump Operation In The Winter
Frozen Inground Swimming Pool Lines
Closing An Indoor Pool For The Winter
Closing A Swimming Pool And Long Term Non-Use

Cloudy, Milky, Discolored Pool Water

Problem With Pool After Adding HTH Liquid Clarifier
CLOUDY POOL, I Have Tried Everything
Cloudy Pool
Why Do I Have Cloudy Pool
Cloudy Water After Adding pH Up
Cloudy Pool Won't Clear
Milky Pool Water
Cloudy Water Keeps Returning!
My Pool Water Looks Milky Below The Surface
2 Bottles Of Pool Rx & 1 Clarifier & Still Have Green Powdery Stuff!
Put In Too Much Super Water Clarifier
Cloudy Water In Above Ground Pool
CLOUDY WATER & Chlorine Level Is Still Too High After Shock Treatment
Pool Water Cloudy & Green & Turned Water Milky White
White Cloudy Pool For Over A Week
Cloudy Pool Water With Algae And Phosphates
I Can't Seem To Get The Cloudiness Out Of My Pool. Both The pH And Chlorine Are High. How Do I Lower Them?
Do I Need Pool Clarifiers?
Cloudy Pool After Adding Sodium Bicarb.
How Long Does It Take A Cloudy Pool To Clear?
Why Did New Pool Water Turn Yellowish Green?
White Sediment On Pool Bottom
Why Has My Pool Water Got Cloudy Now?
Swimming Pool Paint Clouds Off When Brushed
Cleaning Out Lots Of Dirt In The Pool
Turned Swimming Pool Filter On..Brown Water Problem..
Cloudy Swimming Pool Water..Dirt From The Jets..
Our Swimming Pool Water Is Slightly Milky? Problems..
Swimming Pool pH Level Fine..Water Has A Cloudy & Milky Look
What Would Make My Swimming Pool Water Get Cloudy
Cloudy Pool Water..Salt Water Swimming Pool..How Much Salt To Add?..
Shock Swimming Pool & Swim the Same Day?
Cloudy Pool Water
Cloudy Pool Water & Algaecide..Need Help

Cover Pump

How Do I Choose A Good Swimming Pool Cover Pump?

Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

Chlorine Not Registering
Stabilizer Problems
Pool Water Change...
How Much Shock vs. CYA Level?
Overstablized Pool
Pool Stabilizer Won't Dissolve
High Cyanuric Acid & High Free Chlorine
Stabilizer Low in Swim Spa
How Do I Chlorinate Without Raising The Cyanuric Acid (CYA)
How To Increase Stabilizer Without Decreasing Alkalinity.
No Total Or Free Chlorine And Pool Can't Hold Cyanuric Acid (CYA)
How Much Cyanuric Acid Do I Need?
What Do I Do About Low Stabilizer/CYA In My Pool?
What Is A Swimming Pool Conditioner & Stabilizer?
Having Difficulty With No Free Chorine..
Lower the Cyanuric Acid (CYA)
Low Pool Chlorine & Stabilizer

DE Pool Filter

Dual Filtering Systems
Dust-Like Material Accumulating On Bottom Of Pool
DE Filter & Sun Screen Lotion
Air Gurgling At The Multiport Valve On My DE Filter
Losing Pressure On Return To Pool
DE Filter - Particulates Floating In Water
HELP! By Mistake I Put A Whole 25lb Bag Of DE In Skimmer
Low Jet Output
Old Diatomaceous Earth?
DE Filter Pressure Issues
DE Filter Needs To Be Backwashed Every Hour
Too Much DE Filter Pressure
DE Powder Returning To Pool
Backwash Valve
Clean Fingers Of DE Filters
DE Filter..Low Pressure And No Suction At Skimmer
How Do I Vacuum And Remove D.E.?
Pressure Builds Up In 30 minutes And DE Flowing Back Into The Pool
DE Filter Doesn't Build Pressure Even When Filter Helper Is Added. It Stays At 13 to 14 lbs.
Cleaning Pool Bottom Is Difficult With A DE Filter
Totally Basic DE Filter And Valves For A Swimming Pool
Low Suction When Vacuuming With A DE Pool Filter
Hayward Pro Grid DE Filter Element Cluster Assembly
DE Filter Problem..DE Coming Back Into The Pool..
FSN O-Ring...Band Assembly/Belly Band Clamp Leaking On DE Pool Filter
Why Does DE Material Stays At The Top Of Filter And Grids?
D.E.Filter High Pressure
DE Matter Returning Back To Swimming Pool Water
Purex Filter With Unicel DE Grids..DE Keeps Coming Back Into The Pool..
Old Pool Filter Leaks From Bottom Of Tank..
Several Tears In The Filter Panels Of My DE Filter..Loss Of Suction..
Assembly Of Vertical DE Filter Grids - What A Pain!
We Are Getting Chunks Of DE In Filter Basket...
How To Clean The DE Filter Grids With Oil & Residue
Swimming Pool De Filter & Ripped Tentacle/Grid
How Much DE Powder Do I Need To Recharge Filter?
DE Filter Maintenance

Diving Board

Swimming Pool Diving Board Blues

Draining A Swimming Pool

Pool Water Changed Color After Acid Wash
Refilling An Inground Concrete Pool
Draining A Swimming Pool
Why & When Do I Need To Drain My Swimming Pool
Draining Water From Swimming Pool

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Treating Inground Fiberglass Pool That Was Flooded By Hurricane Sandy
Gelcoat Replacement For Fiberglass Pool Repair
Fiberglass Pool Sizes
Tiles Coming Out Of Bottom Of Fiberglass Pool
Purchasing A Pool
Blue Streaks and Patches On Fiberglass Pool
Should I Go To A Fiberglass Pool?
Rehabbing Cement Pool With Fiberglass
Filling Fiberglass Pool & Salt Chlorinator
Gray Stains On My Fiberglass Pool
Gel Coat Problems & Cracks In A Fiberglass Pool
What Are Dark Marks On Fiberglass Lining?
What's Causing A White Coating On Our Fiberglass Pool?
Fiberglass Salt Pool..Green Algae Water..Drain & Refill..
Fiber Tech Liner
Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Fountains & Waterfalls

What's The Best Maintenance Practice For A Large Patio Fountain?
Placement Of Pool Waterfall..Too Close To Skimmers

General Comments & Questions

Locating Resurfacing Companies That Use A Good Process
How To Remove Oils and Lotions From The Pool
Saline Levels Dangerous To Pools and/or Kids Post-Superstorm Sandy?
Mud In My Pool. How To Clean Dirty Pool Water
Leaving Pool Unattended For Extended Period
Long Term Pool Inactivity
Loss Of Return Pool Pressure With Solar Panels
Tiny Bubbles In Swimming Pool
Low Water Levels
Silt And Mud In Pool
Do I Need A New Pool Service Company?
How Often To Adjust Chemicals
Vandalized Pool
Do You Need A Pool Main Drain?
How Do I Fix Low Skimmer Suction?
Air Leak In the Skimmer
Heavy Rains & Now My Pool Is Filled With Mud
Is Sand Filter Working With 50 Gallons Of Bleach
Water Emptying Out Of My Pool Through Sewer Drain At All Settings...
Bottom Drain Valve And Pool Water Pressure
Cleaning A Pool After A Flood
Busted Drain/Basket Cover...What's The Replacement & Cost?
Grime & Grease On Plastic Chairs
No Water Flow Through Glass Sight Gauge On My Filter System
I Sweep My Pool, Next Day It Looks Like I Never Swept It...
Keeping Pool Water Cooler In Summer..How To..
Swimming pool safe to swim?
Cleaning Out Lots Of Dirt In The Pool
Calculate How Many Gallons Is My Outdoor In Ground Pool?
Rust in the Bottom of our Pool!
Swimming Pool Water in Sight Glass..Problems..
Did Jacuzzi Make A Swimming Pool?...Spa & Hot Tub
Above-ground Pool (10' x 30")..Simplest Maintenance
Salt Water Swimming Pool & Water Bugs..Earwig Problem
Calcium Hypochlorite & Granular chlorine
Is A Building Permit Required For A Swimming Pool?
Swimming Pool Pump And Filter Too Big?
Socks for Skimmer baskets..
Dirt Ring Around Sides Of The Swimming Pool At Water Level


Black Specks Coming From My Solar Panels
Above Ground Pool Heater
Solar Panel Replacement
Salt Water (Chlorine) Pool Or Traditional Chlorine Pool & Heating
Heating Screened In Pool
Noisy Water Heater
Heyward Pool Heater Problem
Jandy JVA 2444 Valve Actuator..Pool Water Temperature Too High
Pool Alkalinity Level & Pentair Pool Heater
Coates Kiddy Pool Heater Problem
I Have A Hayward Electric Heater..What Size New Heater Do I Need?
Pool Heater Durability
Pool Heaters
Pool Question..Indoor Heater
Above Ground Versus In Ground Electric Heat Pump..
Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

Hot Tub/Spa Questions

How Do You Treat It? - Hot Tub Rash
Why Do Tiny Bubbles Appear In In-Ground Spa
Is This White Water Mold?
Skin Rash
Can You Use Pool Shock In Your Hot Tub?
White Mold In Spa
Family Of 5 Pseudo vs. Chemical Dermatitis
Hot Tub Rash Pictures
Algecide 40 In My Hot Tub
White Water Mold In Jacuzzi
Water Won't Come Into The Bottom Of The Spa After Filter Changeover
Spa Waterfall Into Pool
Hot Tub Maintenance Tips
Spa Water Testing
In Ground Hot Tub Draining
How To "Run" In Ground Spa Attached To Pool
How Do I Unclog Hot Tub-Swimming Pool Line
Bromine or Chlorine?
New Salt Water Spa...Rash...
Flakes In Hot Tub Water
Strange Results of TA Test (Spa Alkalinity)
Why Do I Vacuum Swimming Pool To Waste...The Spa Water Is Running?

Indoor Pools

Starting From Scratch With Indoor Pool
Shocking An Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool Humidity Problem
Chlorine Testing For Indoor Pool
Swimming Pool In 1st Floor
Cost of Maintaining an Indoor Swimming Pool in Western New York
Info. About How To Build An Indoor Pool
Pool Question..Indoor Heater
Monthly Cost Of An In ground Indoor Swimming Pool

Landscaping Ideas

Cement Crumbling Around Pool
Protection For Above Ground Pool..Hard Plastic Edging Rolls..
Landscaping Around An above Ground Swimming Pool To Protect The Wall

Legal Issues

Pool Chlorine & Shock N Swim

Pool Costs

What would my cost be?
What would my cost be?
Need Help Financing An Above Ground Pool With Decking
Pools With Black Plaster
I Want A Pool But Have Poor Credit
Average Price For Gunite Diving Pool 20 x 40 In Tulsa, OK
Cost Of Indoor Pool?

Pool Covers

Above Ground Solar Pool Covers
Winterizing A Pool
Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover
Frustrated With My Above Ground Pool Cover
Pool Winterizing
Solar Blanket In Salt Generator Pool
Difference Between Inground And Aboveground Solar Covers
Remove Chlorine Build Up
Question- Pool Cover Use

Pool Installation Cost

Need Help Financing An Above Ground Pool With Decking
Grey Gunite Steps
What Does Your Pool Installation Include?
Your Opinion About Our New Pool
How Much To Install A Pool Filter System?
Pool Installation Cost For An Above Ground & Inground Swimming Pool

Pool Liner

Dark Ring Along Vinyl Liner Near Bottom Of Pool Walls
Chemical Burns
Ring Around The Vinyl Liner At The Water Line
I Have Black Something On My Pool Liner?
Where Do I Find That "Good" Liner Installer?
Liner Getting Loose On The Floor As well As On The Walls
Is The Liner Too Small For The Pool?
Can You Give Me Just A Ballpark Cost On Pool Liner
Best Vinyl Pool Liner For Inground Pool
Pool Sizes For Replacement Liner
Pool Liner Wrinkled After Vacuuming Newly Installed Semi Inground Oval Pool
Pool Liner Trouble - Pulling Away From Wall
Descaling Of Inground Pool Liner
Finance For A Swimming Pool Liner
Above Ground Pool Stained
What's The Difference Between Mil. And Gauge For Vinyl Liner?
Proper Method Of Chemical Addition To A Vinyl Liner
Used Swimming Pool Liner For A Chicken Coop
Chlorine Stain On Above Ground Pool With Vinyl Liner
How Do I Get Out Wrinkles In Aboveground 24' Expandable Liner
Vinyl Liner Has Dark Stains On Bottom
Sticky Pool Algaecide On Vinyl Liner
Soft Spots In Vinyl Pool Liner
Pool Liner Stained From Acidity Too High
Inground Pool Steel Walls..Should You Use Foam On The Walls?
Swimming Pool Liner Wrinkles and Black Algae problems

Pool Paint

What Type Of Paint Do I Need?
Fountains Paint Bubbling
Blistered Paint, Now What!?!?!?
Need Hazard or Warning Strip - What Type Of Paint To Use?
Bubbles/Blistering Paint
Painting A Salt Water / Concrete Pool
Cracked Chlorinated Rubber Paint
Crumbling Paint From Brand New Concrete Pool
How Many Gallons Of Muriatic Acid Will Be Needed When We Acid Wash The Pool Before We Paint It?
Painting A Concrete Pool
Paint Coming Off Newly Built Pool
Pool Paint Bubbles & Blister...What Could Cause This?
Proper 2 Pac Pool Paint... Oxidized Only After 2 Months

Pool Pump Problems

Fountain Of Water From Skimmer When Pool Shuts Off
Old Whip Style Return Jets In Pool
Back Flow Or Burping Pump
Best Filter For Hayward Super Pump
Air Through The Returns On Recirculate
Pentair 3-way Diverter Operation
Pump Motor Overheating
Pool Water Circulation Problem
Pool Pump Efficiency
Placement Of Pool Pump
Inground Pump For Above Ground Pool?
Above Ground Filter Problem..Keeps Turning On & Off
Suction At Pump Starts And Then No Suction
How Long To Run The Pool Pump & Filter
Pool Pump Won't Circulate Water..No Prime
Better Pool Pumps...Waterway Mustang Or Hayward & Pentair
1rst Pool Help..Pump Won't Circulate, So Can I Swim?
How Do I Fix Low Skimmer Suction?
Will "Dye" From Clothing Affect A Pool?
Noisy Pool Motor
Pool Strainer Overflows..Lid Blows Off..
Pool Pump Looses Pressure When Kreepy Krauly Attached

Pool Sizes

Size Of In ground Pool

Pool Water Testing Kits

Comment: Discarded Water
No pH, Alkalinity or Stabilizer Reading
Testing Chlorine
Knowing What Chemicals To Add & How
Chlorine Help...Red OTO Color
How Do I Test Magnesium Level On My Pool?
What Would Cause DPD No.1 Water Test To Turn Yellow?
Aquachek Pool Water Test Strips..Low Chemical Readings
Pool Water Testing Kit
Swimming Pool Water Testing Kit

Public Pools

Shutting Down A School Pool For Half A Year

Red Algae

Swimming Pool Red Slime...Red Algae
How Do I Get Red Algae Off A Swimming Pool Solar Cover?
Swimming Pool Red Algae Problem


Sand Filter Valve
Psi Gauge For Pool Filter
Is Multi Coat Scratch Coat 2000 Worth Paying An Extra $2k? Is It OK Without For A Gunite Pool Refinished?
Removing Cement/Glue From Top Of Pool
Acid Washing A Pool
Underwater Product To Recoat Small Pitted Areas
Crack In The Pool Wall And Liner Needs To Be Replaced..
Swimming Pool Floor Concrete Replacement
Re-Caulking A Concrete Pool..Using TSP & Acid Wash..

Sand Filters

Air In Sand Filter
Where At What Is The Impeller & Pressure Steadily Risen As Starting Pressure After Back Washing?
Filter or Circulation Problem?
Sand Draining From Tank
Increase Flow Rate
Air Bleeder Spewing water
Skimmer Back Flow
Pool Water Circulation In Reverse
Zeo Sand Replacement
Low Water Pressure From The Return
Jacuzzi 190 Sand Filter Standpipe
Half Of Pool Drained Through Backwash Hose
Did I Damage My Sand Filter By Putting Salt In It?
Sand in Sight Glass
White Material Being Put In Pool Through Return
How Do I Start My Sand Filter?
Connected Sand Filter Backwards
Leaking From Pool Filter Drain
Problems With Sand Filter & Pump For 16 Foot Above Ground Pool
Water Discharges To Discharge Hose While In Filter Position
Sand Filter Help Needed
How Often To Replace Sand In The Filter
Pool Pump and Filter High Pressure
Recirculating Setting On Multiport Valve On Top Of Sand Filter Drained Pool - Set For Chemical Adding
Leaking Water Sand Filter
Noisy Sand Filter And Sand Coming Out Waste Line On Backwash
Small Particles In Pool
Sand in Pool After Replacing With Hayward Filter
Sand Filter - High Pressure
What To Do With Waste Port On Filter
Backyard Swimming Pool Sand Filter
22 Year Old Sand Filter & Crushed Glass
Little To No psi
Why Do I Have A Leaking Filter?
Pool Tank Pressure & Extra Sand In Filter?
Why Does Air Pressure Build Up Inside My Sand Filter?
Connecting Hose To Sparco Pool Sand Filter
Water Coming Out Backwash Hose? I Need Help
Zeosand Putting Sand Back Into The Pool
Why Is There Sand At Bottom Of Pool
Problems Centering A Sandpipe For A Hayward Pro S210T Filter
Losing Sand When Backwashing Sand Filter
Water Coming Out Backwash Hose During Filtration
Sand Filter Pressure Increases And Low Suction
Sand Filter W/ Good Water Flow In Recirculate But Almost None In Filter
Meteor Sand Filter Leaking Filter Hose
Backwashing And Started Spitting Out The Sand
Replaced Lateral But Still Sand In Pool
Debris At Bottom Of Pool With Sand Filter Using Zeobrite
Loss Of Pressure In The Return Line
When Do You Know It's Time To Replace The Sand In The Filters?
Sand In Pool After Changing The Filter
Is Using DE In My Sand Filter Good?
Sand Filter Help..Filter Won't Work After Vacuuming
Do I Have Sand Filter Or Pump Problems?
Why Does Backwash Keep Running After Shutting Off?
Sand Filter Works But Will Not Backwash
Why Is Air Getting Into The Sand Filter & Pump?
Pressure Won't Come Up On Sand Filter
PSI Gauge For Sand Filter Is Leaking And Not Working
Sand Filter Multiport Valve Just Has Numbers But No Settings...
What Valve Setting On Sand Filter Should I Use When I Vacuum My Pool?
Multiport Valve Filter Setting Issue..Water Coming Out Of The Backwash Hose..
Change The Sand In Above Ground Pool Sand Filters
No Backwash Or Rinse Pressure On A Pool Sand Filter...
Why Is Sand Going Back Into The Pool After Backwashing?
My Pool Sand Filter Has Low Pressure..Low Psi & Multiport Valve Is Leaking..
Sand Pool Filter..Changed The Sand With Something Like Sand
Multiport Valve Is Stuck In Backwash Mode
Manual Air Relief Valve..When To Relieve Air Pressure From A Sand Filter..
Filter Has Run Dry After Emptying Skimmer Box

How Do I Stop Sand Going Back Into The Pool..Pool Keeps Getting Dirty..
Sand Filter Draining When In "Filter" Position
Sand Returning Back To Pool After Replacing With New Sand
Dirt Pumped Into Pool When Switching On Pump - Sand Filter System
No Water Flow Through Glass Sight Gauge On My Filter System
Swimming Pool Sand Filter Problems..
High Pressure Problem On A Swimming Pool Sand Filter
Water Not Free-Flowing When Pool Pump Switched On
Closed Valve Setting Still Lets Water Through!...Pool Leaking..
Pool Sand Filter Problem..Water Out Of Backwash Pipe
Swimming Pool Sand Filter Leaking Out The Drain In Filter Position
Above Ground Swimming Pool Losing Water..Running Sand Filter System..
How To Clean Swimming Pool Sand Filters..Backwashing
Swimming Pool Sand Filter Degreaser
Pool Pump Operation
Swimming Pool Sand Filter..Pool Seems To Be Manufacturing Small Debris
Question About Swimming Pool Sand Filter
Swimming Pool Sand Going Back Into The Pool
DE Matter Returning Back To Swimming Pool Water
Swimming Pool Pump And Filter Too Big?
a name="Salt Water Pools">

Salt Water Pools

Salt Water CODE 90
My Saltwater Pool Is Yellow, Help
Sand or Salt
Salt Water System
Salt Generator & Green Pool
Sea/Salt Water In My Chlorine Pool
Stains On Pool Wall
Amount Of Salt For A Pool
Cloudy Salt Pool...Please Help
Low Salt Readings
Saltwater Filter Problems
Salt For An Above Ground Pool
Salt Level
Cold Weather Question For A Salt Pool That Runs Year Round
New Saltwater Pool 5 Weeks Starting To Go Cloudy (Not Green)
Taking Care Of A Salt Water Pool & Cleaning Of The Cell
Do I Need Chlorine Tabs Even If I Have A Salt Water Pool?
Green Salt Water Pool
Saltwater System & Chlorine Shock
Soft Water Fill On Salt Water Pools
My Saltwater Pool Has No Chlorine
Salt Water Pool Chemistry
Advice On How To Run A Salt Water Pool
Salt Water Pool With High Chlorine & Rust Colored Water
Saltwater Pool Upkeep
Salt Water Pool Turned Into A Murky Green Mess
Black Stains On My Above Ground Saltwater Pool
Shocking A Saltwater Pool
Why Do We Have This Blue Powder In Our Salt Water Pool?
How To Lower A High Salt Level In A Pool
Salt Water Pool Is Light Green Color
Backwashing A Seawater Swimming Pool
Cloudy Water In My Salt Water Pool
Are These Salt Water Pool Balance Readings Right?
New Vinyl Liner & Salt Water Swimming Pool
Replacement Chlorine Pump & Filter Suggestion For A 28x56 foot x 7.5 Depth & 3.5 Depth Inground Pool?
Salt Generator..Change A Chlorine Pool Into A Salt Pool
Lowering The pH & Salt Water Systems..
Which Salt To Use In A Salt Water Swimming Pool?
Salt Pool & The Chlorine Is High..
Saltwater Systems For Swimming Pools..High Calcium & Iron..
Affordable Salt Generator For 65,000 Gallon Pool
Sea Water Pool
Sea water Swimming Pool..Saltwater
What Is The Best Way To Clean Saltwater Pools
New Gunite/Plaster Salt H2O Pool..Low pH & Total Alkalinity..Black Plaster..
How To Choose The Right Size Salt Water Generator..Cell
I've A Saltwater Pool..pH Is High
Saltwater Pool Maintenance Guide..Problem
Converting Swimming Pool From Chlorine To Salt Water Generator
Intex Salt Water Swimming Pool 16x48..Shock & Green Algae
Muratic Acid & Salt Water Swimming Pool..Lower pH Level
Salt Water Intex Swimming Pool System (Pool Size 18x48)..Algae Problem..
Cloudy Pool Water..Salt Water Swimming Pool..How Much Salt To Add?..
Salt Water Swimming Pool & Water Bugs..Earwig Problem
Reducing The Energy Cost Of Running A Salt Water Pool Chlorinator
Swimming Pool Algae & Opening A Pool..HELP!!
Salt Water Chlorine Generator
Salt Water Pool Maintenance Guide

Shocking A Pool

Run Pump Or Not?
Run Pump Or Not?
Filling A Pool
Itching And Burning Eyes Experience
Do I need to adjust PH immediately after shocking my pool?
Superchlorinating A Swimming Pool
Grey Debris In Pool
Not Starting Off Too Good.....Really Need Some Help!
Pool Shock With Powder
Shocking A Salt Water Pool
Can We Use The Pool If We Haven't Shocked It?
Shock The Pool & Chlorine Tabs
My Pool Has High Chlorine Scent!
Will "Shocking" The Pool Have A Bearing On The Backwash Schedule?
I've A Very Small (650g) Pool And I Think I Overshocked It...
Total Chlorine..Free Chlorine..Pool Shock Question..
How Long Can Shocking Chlorine Keep In Pool Water?
About How Long Does The Chlorine Level Has Dropped To Ideal Level After Shock?
What Is Super Shock..Chlorinating..
After Shocking With Liquid Swimming Pool Chlorine...3 Gallons...
Shock Swimming Pool & Swim the Same Day?

Skin & Hair Problems

More Suggestions On How To Avoid Chlorine Reaction
White Circle Stains On Clothing And Concrete
Is Swelling Of Hands And Feet Related To Chlorine Allergy?
Allergic Responses To Saltwater Pool System Using Muriatic Acid
Does Swimming In A Cool Pool With Doors Open In Nov. Cause Bronchitis
Sinus Congestion And Infections Pool Air Burning Eyes?
What Is This Itching After Swimming?
Is There A Shampoo I Can Use In Our Pool That Won't Hurt My Husband's Perfectly Balanced Water?
Why Do We Get Red Dots After Swimming
Will A Salt System Help With Chlorene Sensitivity?
Skin Irritation After Working At A Pool Supply Store
New Salt Water Spa...Rash...
Water Therapy (PT)..Odd Stench On My Hands..
Will My Hair Change Color If I Swim In A Chlorine Swimming Pool..Different
Swim In A Chlorine Pool & My Hair & Skin...What Effect??
Should I Always Shower & Wash Hair/Skin After Swimming...Chlorine Pool
Can I Go Swimming In A Chlorine Swimming Pool While Pregnant?
Can Pool Chlorine Harm My Hair & Darken My Skin..Swimming Pool
My Face Is Red, Sore, & Itchy After Swimming In Chlorine Pool?
Swimming Pool Chlorine Damage The Highlights In My Hair?
Relaxed Hair & Chlorine Swimming Pool?
How Do I Protect My Hair From Chlorine Swimming Pool Water?
Skin Problems From Pools

Stairs & Ladders

Pool Steps Metal Handrail Broke Into Two Pieces
Which Is Better, Fiberglass Or Plastic Pool Ladder?
What's A Good Wrap For A Stainless Steel Pool Rail
Rust On The Pool / Spa Railing..

Start Up/Opening A Pool

Opening A Pool That Has Been Covered For Over 3 Years
New Pool...What To Do With Chemicals
Pool Opening Or Not Opening
Rough Pool Surface On Newly Replastered Pool
Help W/Order Of Chemicals Additions To Pool
Constantly High PH
Chlorine Added, Now Shock?
Intex Pool Problems. Please Help Me. Nobody Else Can.
Where Do I Start With Pool Chemicals?
We Can't Get Our Levels Up High Enough After Adding The Proper Chemical Amounts
Pool Is DARK Green
New Home With Inground Pool - Chemicals Out Of Whack! Help Please!
Help!! New Pool Owner
I Am The New Pool Guy
I Just Filled My 18ft X 4ft Above Ground Pool Do I Put In Chlorine Or Shock It?
Opening Pool After Not In Use For Two Years
Yuk..Put In Chlorine & Water Turned Brown
Startup With A Saltwater Pool
Starting New 27 ft. Swimming Pool
Is Converting To Saltwater Pool Cheaper And Better?
Salt Water Above Ground Pool Start Up Treatment
Installing Chemicals In The Proper Place
Started A Green Pool Covered In Algae...HELP!!
New Pool - Is Shock Required?
I Still Have A Cloudy Pool After Opening
Pool Shock & Floc Not Working
Adding Liquid Muriatic Acid To An Above Ground Pool...
Pool Opening..Used Algaecide And Floc...Now The Pool Is White And Cloudy...
Help!! New Pool Owner And The Chemical Tests Are All Over The Place. What Should I Do?
What Is A Swimming Pool Conditioner & Stabilizer?
I Took The Winter Cover Off And My Pool Water Was Cloudy..Pool Start Up..
About Adding Chemicals To A Relined Pool..
My Pool Start Up..Why Are Leaves & Debris Going Back Into The Pool After Vacuuming?
What Can I Do About A Chemical Mess During Pool Start Up?
Above Ground Pool..Need To Know About Chemicals & What To Do..
My First Pool..How Do I Add Chemicals & Make Adjustments?

Swimming Pool Filter Backwashing

Hayward Sand Filter Will Not Backflush
Loss Of Water During Backwash
Backwashing A Sand Filter Too Much?
Dirty Rinse During Backwash
Swimming Pool Backwash Trouble
Sand Filter Glass Bulb/Sight Glass

Swimming Pool pH

How Much Baking Soda To Raise pH Level
pH Too High In New Diamondbrite Plaster Pool
Cronically Low pH
Sodium Bicarbonate and pH Increaser
pH Is A Little High In Our Above Ground Pool W/ Salt Generator System
Staining And Trying To Raise pH
pH Too High In Saltwater
Can't Get pH To Go Down
Type Of Acid To Use
Salt Water Indoor Pool With High pH
I Can't Get The pH Up In My Pool
Water pH in Pool
pH & Alkalinity Low
pH Level Won't Increase My My Pool
Soda Ash To Raise pH Made The Pool Cloudy
How Much Baking Soda To Raise The pH Pool Level?
Whole Bottle Of pH Plus And Level Won't Increase...pH Problem..
Why Do I Have Low pH Pool Level & No Free Chlorine In My Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool pH, Alkalinity, & Chlorine Levels Too High
Comment on Lowering pH Chart
High PH and High TA
4 Children Burnt In Swimming Pool..Very Low pH Level
Home Pool Owner..Fiberglass Pool..Low pH Level..
Total Alkalinity Too High..pH Too Low..Swimming Pool..
How Much pH Minus To Get Level Down..Too High
Acidity In The Swimming Pool Water..Too Acidic
Muratic Acid & Salt Water Swimming Pool..Lower pH Level
How Long Do You Need To Wait To Swim After Adding pH Minus..Acid
Swimming Pool Question..Chlorine Is Low..pH Level Is High?
Alkalinity Up To Raise Both Swimming Pool pH Level & Total Alkalinity
Very High Swimming Pool pH Level...8.2ppm..
Swimming Pool pH Level Question
Pool pH level
pH Level Of My Pool
Soda Ash For Increasing Swimming Pool pH Level
TA opposed to PH

Swimming Pool Phosphates

High Phosphates And Hard To Remove Yellow Wall Algae
High Phosphate Levels
High Phosphates Over 1000 & Cloudy Water
High Phosphate Levels And Low Chlorine Issue...
Swimming Pool Phosphate Level Over 1000

Swimming Safety

We Know What We Want..A Pool Safety Net, But...
How Long Before I Can Swim After Shocking And Conditioning My Salt Pool?
Hotel Pool Safety Chemicals
Child Per Adult For Swimming Pool Safety
Can I Have Too Many People Swimming
Can My Grandchildren Use A Life Jacket?..Swimming Safety

Used Swimming Pools

Used Swimming Pool Cost

Vacuuming & Vacuum Problems

Vacuum Hose Comes Out Of Skimmer When Pool Pump Turns On
How To Vacuum Above Ground Pool
Skimmer Valves Open Or Closed?
Too Much Suction When Vacuuming The Pool
Can I Vacuum This Fine Black Silt In My Swimming Pool?
Why Does My Kreepy Krauly Have No Suction?
Sweeper Connector On Pool Vacuum Hose Broke Off
Vacuum Port Returning Dirt Back Into The Pool..
Maintaining Vacuum Suction..Loss Of Suction With A Cartridge Filter..

Visitor Contributed Pool Articles

Watermelon and Vaseline Pool Game
At - A - Trick / Swimming Pool Game
"The Most Amazing Pool Party EVA!"
The Best Pool Party Invitations

Waterborne Illness

Pool Contamination From Sewer
Waterpark water...
Diarrhea After Swimming
Scabies & Green Pool Water..Swimming Pool Algae!!

Water Mold

White Slimy Film On The Bottom Of Pool
White Fluffy Substance On Floor Of Pool

Well Water Problems/Iron & Copper Metals

Well Water Hardness
Well Water Supplied My Windmill
New Pool With Well Water And Red Algae
Brown Pool Water After Chlorine
Black & Splotchy Stain On Pool Surface After Shocking
Iron in Swimming Pool Water
Minerals In Pool Water?
14,000 Gallons Of Creek Water..Turned Brown Then Green
How Do I Clear Up My Well Water In My Pool..It's Green
GPH Too Low & My Well Water Is Yellow

Yellow Algae

Above Ground Pool Problem Yellow Water & Can't Fix
Correct Test Readings With High FC Levels
Is This Algae Or What?
Cannot Remove My Brown/Mustard Algae
Recurring Mustard Algae And Fed Up!
Rust In The Pool That Looks Like Algae
Fine Powdery Yellow/Light Brown Substance..Algae Problems

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