Aboveground Swimming Pools

Aboveground swimming pools constitute about 50% of all pool sales in the United States. 

More and more people are choosing above ground swimming pools than a regular in ground swimming pool due to their durability and variety of options.

Others turn to these pools due to their low installation cost.

Installation is fairly easy, if you're not the one doing the pool installation.

Some concern must be taken into consideration. 

These pools do need a certain level of competence installing them. Take your time, read the directions, and do the job right the first time around.

Don't rush or cut any corners because you could have a dangerous mess on your hands if you're not careful.  

Video Of Me Clearing Up An Above Ground Pool

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When Buying A Used Above Ground Swimming Pool

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Benefits of Aboveground Swimming Pools

  • Fun for you and you family
  • Socialize with friends and neighbors
  • Easier installation, maintenance, and repairs
  • Easy swimming pool lights installation
  • Less debris in the pool from leaves and grass clippings.

It's also more difficult for animals to gain access, especially dogs, cats, and even skunks.

  • Great solution for a smaller backyard or where the water table seems a bit highLocations such as the Northwest where 35-40 inches of rain per year is not uncommon, so many people prefer above ground pools.
  • In many cities an above ground pool in not considered a permanent structure so your property taxes may not go up.

Check with your local officials for your specific rules and regulations.


  • May not be right for serious swimmers
  • Size restrictions
  • "Deep end" is no more than 4-5 feet
  • Usually no diving board, slide, or fancy waterfalls
  • Harder to lap swim due to its restrictive size
  • May not be able to have an above ground swimming pool designed to match your backyard or the design of your house

If you are an aboveground swimming pool owner, you may find this style of pool offers a certain flexibility that you may not find in a regular in ground swimming pool.

Aboveground Swimming Pool Categories

Above Ground Filters - Choosing above ground swimming pool filters can be an issue, but which one to pick. 

Above Ground Pool Parts - A pool diving board and swimming pool lights can add great value and enjoyment to your above ground and inground swimming pools. 

Above Ground Pool Deck - An above ground pool deck not only adds beauty to your swimming pool but is a perfect place for people to gather for a swimming pool party.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner - A new above ground swimming pool liner is exciting. Take care and consideration about the vinyl liner repair and pool liner wrinkles.

Above Ground Swimming Pool LinersVinyl above ground swimming pool liners are measured by gauge or thickness.

Used Pools - Discount & Used Swimming Pools. Used Above Ground Swimming Pools.

Portable Pools - Portable swimming pools and exercise swimming pools.

Pool Covers - Above ground swimming pool covers and great pool tarps.

Pool Ladders - Above ground swimming pool ladders and accessory parts.

Pool Steps - Swimming pool steps and swimming tips. Great information on wedding cake steps and swimming pool stairs.

Sizes & Prices

Pool Size Price
12ft x 42" $750
15ft x 42" $900
18ft x 42" $1000
12ft x 18ft x 52” Oval $1950
12ft x 24ft x 52” Oval $2500
16ft x 26ft x 52”Oval $2700
16ft x 32ft x 52” Oval $3300
12ft x 48” Round $1400
15ft x 48” Round $1500
18ft x 48” Round $1700
21ft x 48” Round $2000
24ft x 48” Round $2100
27ft x 48” Round $2500
12ft x 52” Round $1400
15ft x 52” Round $1600
18ft x 52” Round $1800
21ft x 52” Round $2000
24ft x 52” Round $2200
27ft x 52” Round $2500

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