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Sand Pool Filter & Your Pool Filter System. Learn Sand Water Filters For Inground & Above Ground Pools.

Now you're ready for the fun stuff.  

Understanding the basics of pool water maintenance fairly straight forward.

However, if you're the least bit unsure about maintaining or backwashing your sand filter, it's best to call in a professional pool tech.

Before making any adjustments or turning any valves, be sure the pump motor is OFF.

Swimming Pool Filter and Pumps System

Many pool systems will have what is known as a “Multiport Valve” or MPV.  This valve is an all-in-one valve that makes your pool life a little easier. 

If you're not familiar with a MPV please read the following and consult your owner's manual.  If you're pump motor is on and you decide to start turning any valves, well, that would be bad. So be sure the swimming pool pumps and filters are off before turning anything.

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Swimming Pool Rapid Sand Filter Settings

The settings on this type of valve are as follows:


This is the normal setting for the valve. The pool water is drawn through the pump, passed through the swimming pool sand filter, and is then returned back into the pool as clean water.


This setting is used to flush out the filter when it becomes overloaded with dirt and debris. Water is drawn from the pool, is passed through the filter sand, and exits out of the filter as dirty water. 

Once this is accomplished, your system is ready to rinse. 


This setting is used to flush out any dirt or debris that may remain in the lines after back-washing and only requires about 10 seconds.  This water then exits as waste and not back into the pool.


This function allows for the pool water to circulate without passing through the filter. 


This setting runs water from the pool directly to the drain and can be used when lowering the water level when certain adjustments are needed. 


This setting is to be used ONLY when the pump motor is off. Closing this valve while the pump is running could seriously damage your system. Use this setting when making any repairs or cleaning the filter unit or filter basket. 

Remember that the filter pump needs to be OFF before moving the handle of the MPV. 

Maintaining and back-washing your sand filter with the proper pool filter cleaner will help keep your swimming pool sand filter running like a million bucks.

Following these pool cleaning tips will ensure your neighbors will be looking over the fence wondering how you do it.

Sand Pool Filter Maintenance - Backwashing

  • A swimming pool sand filter needs back-washing after the pressure has increased about 8-10 lbs. higher than the "just back-washed" pressure
  • Raise the water level 1"-2"  if it's low. Turn off the pump and clean the pump basket. Check it for cracks and replace if needed. Remove any debris and carefully place the basket back into the pump housing and reattach the pump lid.
  • Roll out your backwash hose, if applicable, and turn the filter control valve to BACKWASH
  • Turn the pump back on and pump out dirty water until the water runs CLEAR, then turn off the pump 
  • Set the control valve to RINSE and turn the pump on for about 10 seconds. Turn off the pump.  This will get rid of residual sand left in the lines.  
  • Turn the valve to FILTER and you're done

The entire process of backwashing your sand pool filter should take about 5 minutes.  

Go swim and have fun.

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