Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost: What's The Cost To Maintain A Pool?

Pool maintenance cost and pool maintenance tips. The ultimate swimming pool care manual and guide for weekly pool maintenance and mistakes to avoid.

Pool maintenance cost and pool maintenance tips. The ultimate swimming pool care manual and guide for weekly pool maintenance and mistakes to avoid.

Summer is here!!  You have your brand new pool ready to go?  Everything is in line?  Great!!  But, what about the weekly cost?  Chemicals?  Electricity for the pump motor?  And your time?  Where did all those "extra" things come from?  Above ground swimming pool maintenance, as well as in ground pools, is and will always be a part of owning a residential pool.  In hotter areas of the country you will see an increase in chemical use no matter how well you take care of the pool.  You could hire a professional pool service but with the right information you'll probably do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

A standard pool will cost you about $1 per 1 gallon of water. This means if you want a 25,000 gallon pool you're going to spend about $25,000.  Keep in mind this is just for the pool and filtration system.  Landscaping and safety fences (which are often required by local zoning laws), will cost more.  Pool installation is going to be your biggest cost but there is the weekly and monthly maintenance factor to consider such as chlorine, acid, pool tabs, and any repairs that will need to be made.

National Average For Pool Maintenance Costs

The national average price is $233 per one-time pool cleaning.  Places that have more pool competition could be lower while those places that have short swimming seasons can generally be higher in price. The monthly average for maintaining a pool is $135.

Owning a home with a swimming pool is wonderful during the Summer.  But with having a pool comes responsibility and a little maintenance.  Most pool owners are more than capable of performing some maintenance.  However, it's best to leave some things to the professionals if you're unsure.

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Swimming Pool Care & Maintenance

Giving you an exact number or dollar amount is like asking how many rocks there are in the world.  Larger pools will obviously require more cleaning time and chemicals.  It depends on many factors:

  • Kind of water testing kit
  • Chemical use
  • Length of time you run the pump motor 
  • Evaporation
  • Foreign matter in the pool
  • Hot weather
  • Filtering system and pool filter cleaning
  • Broken/lost parts and equipment, pool equipment repairs, and swimming pool sand filter maintenance
  • Additives
  • Swimming pool winterization
  • Pool maintenance supplies
  • Type of pool (concrete or fiberglass)
  • Type of heating and pool heater repair
  • Length of pool season
  • Closing the pool
  • Your utility provider's rates.  Obviously this will be different in each part of the country.

Average Price For Pool Maintenance 

Pool maintenance cost and pool maintenance tips. The ultimate swimming pool care manual and guide for weekly pool maintenance and mistakes to avoid.

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost

Your normal weekly swimming pool care and maintenance would include:

  • Checking and/or removing debris from the pump filter basket
  • Checking and/or removing debris from the skimmer(s)
  • Chemical readings
  • Add water if needed
  • Back-wash if needed
  • Check and remove debris from pool cleaner
  • Brush the steps, sides, and bottom of the pool
  • Check the chlorine tablets
  • Listen for any strange noises from the plumbing, pump motor and filter (straining, whining, grinding, gurgurling, etc...)
  • Add any needed chemicals
Pool maintenance cost and pool maintenance tips. The ultimate swimming pool care manual and guide for weekly pool maintenance and mistakes to avoid.

How Much Might A Local Pool Company Charge

Most pool professionals generally charge between $65 to $100 per hour with a $65 service call.  Exact pricing depends upon your size and type of pool, along with how labor intensive the work will be.  Pool service pros and technicians should be familiar with all aspects of your pool including chemistry, plumbing, and electrical applications.

Some independent pool professionals might only do chemicals if asked, while others are equipped to maintain your pool on a weekly basis which includes brushing and sweeping, chemicals, filter checks and backwashing, and even plumbing and filter installations. 

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Pool Closing or Winterization 

The price of closing and winterization can range from $100 to $600.  This price is dependent upon where you live and should include: 

  • Cleaning (removing debris, brushing, vacuuming)
  • Back-washing, removal, and storage of the filter if applicable
  • Blowing out lines or adding anti-freeze
  • Balancing and shocking the pool
  • Lowering the water level to the acceptable level 
  • Install the cover

It can take 1 - 2 days for a professional to perform these tasks.  However, an experienced pool owner can do it with the right information and help.  Pool opening is pretty much the same and the price should be close to the pool closing price.

Average Inground Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost

Pool maintenance cost and pool maintenance tips. The ultimate swimming pool care manual and guide for weekly pool maintenance and mistakes to avoid.

A good water testing kit will ensure your chemicals are balanced correctly.  Chemicals for an average 20,000 - 25,000 gallon pool should be no more than around $20 per month.  According to the National Association of Realtors inground swimming pools can add an average of 7.7% to the value of a home.  In the southwest part of the U.S. a pool can add 11% but in places like the mid-west only 6%.  To break this down even further lets take the worst case scenario.  In Arizona where temperatures can reach 115 degrees you'll probably spend about 50 cents per day on chlorine tabs for a total of $15 per month.

About $15 - $25 per month on pool chlorine and muriatic acid.  Then add any algaecides, Sodium Bicarbonate (for alkalinity) and water use (evaporation and drag off) and you could be near $50 per month.  We haven't even touched on broken parts, DE filters, and electricity use.

Pool Maintenance To Consider

Think about pool maintenance costs when buying a house and:

  • The age of the pool
  • If it's 10 - 12 years old you might be headed for some repairs.  You're much better off to get the pool inspected first.  Many pool owners spend a couple hours a week skimming, scooping, taking chemicals readings, back-washing, brushing etc..  Ask yourself if you're prepared for this responsibility.
  • Will you use it?  And how often?  If only once or twice per month maybe it would be better to check out your public swimming pools.  If once or twice per week or more, a pool might be right for you.  
  • Can you afford the pool maintenance cost?
  • If you're in a hot area, your chemical use will go up.  If you're in a cooler climate, your heating might go up.
  • Unless you're in the business of buying and selling homes with swimming pools, a pool in the most strictest of senses is not an asset.
  • But if you're staying in your house for a long time and plan on using your pool, then your swimming pool chemical maintenance cost will not matter as much.  It's probably money well spent.  

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