Uses Of Swimming Pool Chlorine

Swimming Pool Chlorine & Pool Chlorine Tablets Are Good Water Quality Indicators For Pool Water Maintenance

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Test Your Chlorine

FC - TC - CC?

This swimming pool care and maintenance page has the specific charts you need to keep your pool perfectly balanced and crystal clear. 

  • Kinds of chlorine and the amounts you'll need to properly shock your pool
  • The exact type of pool water test kit to use for the most accurate chemical readings 
  •  Chemical safety procedures
  • A detailed Cyanuric Acid/pool stabilizer chart

Swimming Pool Chlorine Chemical Maintenance

Chart - Superchlorinate Your Pool

By keeping an eye on your cyanuric acid level (chart below), your pool chlorine will do its job properly and you may not need any extra swimming pool chemicals and help reduce your pool maintenance cost.

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Out of all of the pool water test kits, I personally use and recommend the Taylor K-2006 kit. It does take a little getting used to but the time spent learning how to use it is well worth the effort.  Pool test strips are convenient but simply are not as accurate.

Real pool guys use this kind of test kit. If you want the most accurate measurements, you'll need to get it. No real pool guy would ever recommend test strips.

Understand the dangers of chlorine. You need to handle all swimming pool chemicals with care and respect. 

Bleach & Liquid Pool Chlorine Compared

If you live in a place with hard water I recommend using liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite). Chlorine granules have calcium. Your adding more hardness to the pool and possibly causing cloudy pool water if not applied correctly.  

You also can use grocery store bleach to chlorinate your pool. Bleach is about 8.5%% sodium hypo. and pool chlorine is anywhere from 10 - 15%.  

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Pool Chlorine Safety

  • Always take the proper precautions in dealing with swimming pool chemicals
  • Remember to read the manufacture’s labels
  • Wear heavy duty rubber gloves, goggles, and clothes (long sleeves and pants) that you don't mind getting ruined
  • Keep all pool chemicals out of reach of children and pets
  • Never store liquid chemicals over dry
  • If your first diluting the chlorine in a bucket, ALWAYS add the chemical to the water, never water to the chemical
  • Swimming pool chlorine tabs have CYA in them.  Your stabilizer will increase through their use. Once the CYA gets high, above 70 - 80ppm, your chlorine will become less effective.  It will be time to do a partial drain and refill. CYA level should be 30 - 50ppm.

Stabilizer/Cyanuric Acid (CYA) Chart

All About Pool Chlorine

Calcium Hypochlorite -Swimming pool care. All about pool water maintenance for a pool perfect for you.

Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite -  Perfect way to disinfect your pool. 

Chlorine Demand - Good weekly pool maintenance to give you the pool perfect for you.

Chlorine Tablets - Your chlorine tablet (Pool Stabilizer/Conditioner) info. For the pool perfect for you.

Pool Chlorine Tablets - The importance of pool chlorine tablets is essential to having a crystal clear pool. 

Chlorine - Understand pool chlorine & proper swimming pool shock treatment. 

Pool Shock - Easy pool shock treatment & chlorine safety. 

Water Testing - Pool water testing and the best information on swimming pool test kit. 

Swimming Pool Ionizers - Chemical free pool ionizer & water ionization.

Swimming Pool Chemical Maintenance 

What is swimming pool chlorine?  

Chlorine is nothing more than a sanitizer of your pool. It comes in either a granular or liquid form. 

When should I test my pool chlorine?  

Either late afternoon or early evening 

Where should I test my chlorine?  

You should test your chlorine in the deep end of the pool or at the furthest place from the swimming pool filter.  

Why should I test my swimming pool chlorine?  

Chlorine, as the sanitizer of your pool, needs to be checked on a regular basis (at least once per week). You need to have enough chlorine in the pool to clean the water and destroy any bather waste and organic matter. Keeping your pool chlorine level at 2 - 4ppm and the CYA at 30 - 50ppm should accomplish this.  

How do I test my swimming pool chlorine?  

You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you’re using a dropper system. If using the dropper, simply hold the vial upside down over the water and go straight down about 1 foot. Turn the vial over and come straight back up and follow the dropper directions.

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