Hot Tub Rash

Hot Tub Rash and Itchy Skin Rash On Face. Learn About Skin Bumps and Itchy Red Skin Rash.

Many current health articles and women health issues might consider this itchy red rash and swimming pool rash to be a super-infection.


It can also migrate into scalp problems if left untreated.

Your skin has this nasty itch and spa rash that may last for days and then you may get a red, bumpy rash that hurts or is tender to the touch.


The worst thing you can do is scratch it. The bumps may open and become infected.

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Swimmer Health

Your skin may also blister around the hair follicles and is usually worse under the person's bathing suit. Women tend to get it more often then men because of their tight fitting suits.

hot tub rash,foliculitis,pictures of rashes,jet tubs,pictures of rashes,itchy skin no rash,itchy rash on legs

Other names that you might be familiar with or could be confused with

  • Pseudomonas Folliculitis:
  • Foliculitis
  • Folliculitus
  • Chronic dermatitis
  • Bacterial folliculitis

If you experience an itchy skin rash like these it's always best to first contact your health care provider. 

This unpleasant, itchy, skin infection rash is mostly caused by germs called Pseudomonas aeruginosa which is found in water and soil and is microscopic.

Most of the time your Hot Tub rash will clear up in a few days, but if symptoms persist, you'll need to see your health care provider.

A skin rash from hot tub water or a swimming pool rash can last for days and become very bothersome according to some current health care articles. To help stop the spread you need to disinfect the all spa and hot tub toys.

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Pseudomonas Dermatitis is spread by direct contact with contaminated water and occurs in hot tubs, spas, and swimming pools that are poorly maintained, but it can also be spread through contaminated lakes, streams, and rivers.


Ways To Protect Yourself From Hot Tub Rash

Most of the time Hot Tubs and Spas have warmer water so the chlorine or other kind of sanitizer breaks down fast than in a normal swimming pool.

Frequent testing of the pool chlorine and pH should be done, preferably every hour for Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis, and Spas.

hot tub rash,foliculitis,pictures of rashes,jet tubs,pictures of rashes,itchy skin no rash,itchy rash on legs

We tested the YMCA hot tub chemicals every hour and the pool chemistry every 4 hours. This really has cut down on any swimming pool problems.

Check the clarity and odor of the water. It should be clean and clear with no bad or wrong smell.  We keep the temperature of our Hot Tub between 101 - 103 degrees. Anything more or less and the Hot Tub is not relaxing to members.

A good water testing kit is needed.  These can be purchased at any good pool store. I recommend the Taylor Reagent FAS-DPD K-2006 pool water test kit.

hot tub rash,foliculitis,pictures of rashes,jet tubs,pictures of rashes,itchy skin no rash,itchy rash on legs

If the pool chlorine or other sanitizer is too low you're obviously putting yourself at risk so to be sure the Hot Tub you visit is maintained correctly and the operator understands proper swimming pool care.

Again, don't get into the hot tub or spa if the sanitizer is too low, which means anything under 2ppm.

hot tub rash,foliculitis,pictures of rashes,jet tubs,pictures of rashes,itchy skin no rash,itchy rash on legsRed Itchy Rash

I'm not a doctor so I won't tell you how to treat your Hot Tub rash. You'll probably get the advice to wait a couple of days and see what happens, and if your rash doesn't clear up, make an appointment to come in.

Just take the above steps to protect yourself.

Happy swimming and Hot Tubbing.

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